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Elections 28-10-2019

Belgium’s first female prime minister officially named

Belgium's King Philippe officially named Budget Minister Sophie Wilmes interim prime minister on Sunday (27 October), making her the first woman to hold the post.
Elections 31-05-2019

Belgian king names pointmen to help forge new government

King Philippe of Belgium on Thursday (30 May) tasked two politicians with exploring ways that a new government can be formed following elections in which a far-right party scored a surprise second place.
EU Elections 2019 21-12-2018

Belgium’s Charles Michel to stay on heading caretaker government

Belgian King Philippe accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Charles Michel on Friday (21 December) and requested his government stay on in a caretaker capacity for the coming months after his coalition split following an argument over migration.
Global Europe 20-12-2018

Nine EU members stay away from UN migration pact

Three EU members voted against, five abstained and one didn’t vote during the formal ratification on Wednesday (19 December) in New York of the Global Compact on Migration.
Elections 19-12-2018

Belgian PM announces resignation in crisis started by migrant row

Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel offered to resign on Tuesday (18 December) after opponents tabled a no confidence vote in a political crisis triggered by differences over immigration.
Future EU 14-12-2018

Belgian PM suggests Visegrad countries should be ousted from Schengen

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said on Friday (14 December) EU countries that show no solidarity in the management of migration open the debate about whether they have a place in the Schengen area.

Marrakesh UN forum adopts migration pact despite withdrawals

A United Nations conference adopted a migration pact in front of leaders and representatives from over 160 countries in Morocco on Monday (10 December), despite a string of withdrawals, including several EU countries, driven by anti-immigrant populism.
Global Europe 07-12-2018

Belgian PM to go to Marrakesh migration forum ‘in personal capacity’

To avoid a major crisis in the coalition government, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel announced on Thursday (6 December) that he will go "in personal capacity" to the intergovernmental conference in Marrakesh, focused on the Global Compact on migration.
Euro & Finance 17-10-2016

Belgian PM defends budget ahead of confidence vote

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on Sunday (16 October) defended his budget and vision for the future after tensions within the fractious coalition government nearly sank his programme earlier in the week.
Languages & Culture 04-12-2015

Belgium mocked for its inability to hash out COP21 commitment

Belgium’s international image is deteriorating further as the country's regions - French-speaking Wallonia and Dutch-speaking Flanders - prove unable to agree on the distribution of monies coming from its national emission trading fund.
Elections 08-10-2014

Belgium’s ‘kamikaze’ coalition strikes government deal

Charles Michel, a French-speaking liberal politician who is the son of a former EU commissioner, was on course on Tuesday to become Belgium's youngest prime minister after the future ruling coalition concluded marathon talks to settle the budget.
EU Elections 2014 03-09-2014

Belgium defies Juncker with Commissioner nomination

Belgium will defy Jean-Claude Juncker tomorrow (4 September) by nominating outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders as its next Commissioner, despite the European Commission President-elect’s wishes for a female candidate.
Police personnel are seen at the site of a shooting in front of the Jewish museum
Elections 25-05-2014

Belgium elections marred by anti-Semitic attack

Two women and a man were killed, and one person seriously, injured during a shooting at the Jewish Museum in central Brussels Saturday (24 May), with Belgian officials saying anti-Semitic motives could not be ruled out.
EU Elections 2014 25-09-2013

Flemish MEP row reveals tensions in Greens/EFA group

The Flemish Green party has accused the separatist N-VA of deviating too much from the political line of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament.
Elections 18-03-2013

Van Rompuy says he will quit politics in 2014

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy announced on Belgian television yesterday (17 March) that his EU mandate, which expires on 1 December 2014, will mark the end of his political career.
Elections 15-10-2012

Flemish separatists make big gains in Belgian local elections

A founding EU member, Belgium is struggling to maintain political unity as a separatist party scored major victories in municipal elections yesterday (14 October) and its leader is set to become mayor of the second city, raising the pressure on a fragmented national government.
Languages & Culture 27-09-2012

Vassiliou: Immigrants must learn the language of their host country

Speaking in tribute to the European day of languages on Wednesday (26 September), Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou said it was a time to “celebrate” multilingualism in all its forms, but that immigrants must learn the language of their “host” country.
Elections 24-08-2012

Barely 1 in 5 EU expats eligible to vote in Belgian local elections

According to official figures revealed by the Belgian authorities, fewer than one in five of the EU countries’ expatriates living in Belgium have registered to vote in the local elections, to be held on 14 October.
Elections 28-11-2011

Belgium emerges from historic political crisis

Elio Di Rupo, the chief negotiator in charge of forming a government in Belgium, announced a deal on the 2012 budget on Sunday (27 November), paving the way for a cabinet to be unveiled as early as this week. 
Languages & Culture 05-04-2011

Belgian politicians begin ‘battle of Brussels’

In the absence of a solution to reform the Belgian state and set up a new government, French-speaking politicians have apparently turned to plan B: laying the ground for a future "federation" grouping together Wallonia and Brussels. Flemish nationalists immediately denounced the "provocation".
Languages & Culture 30-03-2011

Belgium political crisis sets new world record

289 days after general elections held in June last year, Belgium is still without a government and yesterday (29 March) replaced Iraq as the country to have experienced the longest period with no official government. The milestone was noted less in the country than abroad.
Elections 07-01-2011

Belgium political crisis hits new low

A Belgian government mediator, tasked with building consensus between the country's different linguistic groups, stepped down yesterday (6 January), the Royal Palace said, increasing the chances of a new election.
Elections 15-10-2010

Is Belgium next?

As Belgium's political instability continues, the country's economic future looks increasingly precarious and whether it will be next to succumb to a debt crisis depends on which scenario the Belgians end up choosing, write Susanne Mundschenk and Raphael Cottin, executive director and research associate at Eurointelligence.
Elections 05-10-2010

Belgium coalition talks back to square one

The political crisis in Belgium hit a new low yesterday (4 October) when Flemish separatist party N-VA announced "the end of the story" after 114 days of negotiations on state reform that were expected to pave the way for a new government to take office.