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Languages & Culture 30-03-2011

Belgium political crisis sets new world record

289 days after general elections held in June last year, Belgium is still without a government and yesterday (29 March) replaced Iraq as the country to have experienced the longest period with no official government. The milestone was noted less in the country than abroad.
Future EU 24-12-2010

Despite crises, Belgium’s EU Presidency made strides

In terms of achievements, and despite internal political instability and a crisis in the euro zone, Belgium’s tenure as President of the European Union was a success.
Elections 05-10-2010

Belgium coalition talks back to square one

The political crisis in Belgium hit a new low yesterday (4 October) when Flemish separatist party N-VA announced "the end of the story" after 114 days of negotiations on state reform that were expected to pave the way for a new government to take office.
Regional Policy 05-10-2010

Barroso urges regions to get more involved

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso yesterday (4 October) told regional and local leaders that they need to get more involved in the debate on the future of EU regional policy.
Languages & Culture 29-09-2010

Belgian Presidency to test compromise on EU patent

The Belgian EU Presidency will put a non-paper on the table at today's informal Competitiveness Council aimed at breaking the deadlock over proposals for a single EU-wide patent system, which has been blocked for over a decade over language issues.
Elections 06-09-2010

Belgium stares into abyss as coalition talks fail

Belgium was again plunged into political crisis over the weekend as French-speaking Socialist leader Elio Di Rupo resigned from his mediator role as prime minister-in-waiting. Leading politicians are now openly talking about the prospect of breaking up the country.
Public Affairs 14-07-2010

Belgium bids to ease Lisbon Treaty tensions

As a founding member of the European Union and the host of its institutions, the Belgian EU Presidency is in a good position to help solve inter-institutional tensions linked to the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, Olivier Chastel, state secretary for European affairs, told the European Parliament yesterday (13 July).

Belgians seek to enforce Lisbon Treaty social clause

During its six-month EU presidency, Belgium will seek to enforce the so-called 'social clause' of the Lisbon Treaty, ensuring that policymakers in Brussels and national capitals keep a close eye on the social impact of all new legislation, a meeting of EU social ministers heard last Friday (9 July).
Elections 09-07-2010

Di Rupo takes lead in Belgium coalition talks

King Albert II has appointed the leader of the French-speaking socialist party, Elio Di Rupo, to lead talks on forming a new government in Belgium after his Dutch-speaking rival Bart De Wever ended an exploratory mission yesterday (8 July).
Public Affairs 01-07-2010

Belgian EU Presidency ‘will be Van Rompuy’s’

Political problems linked to the formation of a new government will plague the Belgian EU Presidency, giving permanent Council President Herman Van Rompuy a unique opportunity to take charge of the EU's agenda, political science professor Pascal Delwit told EURACTIV France in an interview. 
EU Priorities 2020 29-06-2010

Despite internal divisions, Belgium ‘thinks big’ about EU

Belgium takes on the EU's rotating presidency on Thursday (1 July) with no less than its national unity at stake, as ongoing government coalition talks seek to secure make-or-break internal reform. But unsolved internal problems are by no means preventing Belgian politicians from "thinking big" about the European Union, EURACTIV has learned.

Belgium pledges ‘sustainable’ EU presidency

Belgium wants to lead by example during its upcoming EU presidency and has pledged to minimise the environmental impact of the numerous meetings and summits planned over the next six months.

Belgium to push ambitious social agenda at EU helm

The Belgian Presidency has said it will keep social issues high on the EU agenda in the coming six months, with NGOs hoping the country will ensure that social protection is safeguarded amid a proliferation of austerity budgets announced across Europe.
EU Priorities 2020 24-06-2010

De Wever gives ‘guarantees’ on Belgian EU Presidency

Bart De Wever, the Flemish nationalist who claimed victory in Belgium's recent national elections, assured European Commission President José Manuel Barroso yesterday (23 June) that the Belgian EU Presidency would be unaffected by ongoing government coalition talks and that a new administration would be in place "by the time real work begins".
Regional Policy 24-06-2010

Belgian regions eye bigger role during EU presidency

The Belgian EU Presidency will see regional ministers chair a number of key EU meetings, providing an opportunity for the country's divided Dutch- and French-speaking communities to showcase their savoir-faire following a national election that highlighted the country's regionalist aspirations.

Belgium to move quietly on EU enlargement policy

The upcoming Belgian EU Presidency has not specifically cited enlargement among its top priorities but is widely expected to help Croatia and Iceland reach important milestones in their accession bids over the next six months.
EU Priorities 2020 22-06-2010

Belgian Presidency to put spotlight on innovation

The incoming Belgian EU Presidency plans to devote the autumn European summit to innovation policy, but a long-awaited report by President Van Rompuy on economic governance is set to overshadow long-term strategies.
Elections 21-06-2010

Divided Belgium prepares to take on EU presidency

Belgium will take on the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union with a caretaker government in charge, following national elections which saw Flemish separatist leader Bart De Wever top the polls.
Elections 14-06-2010

Flemish nationalists triumph in Belgium

The N-VA, a nationalist party, secured a sweeping victory in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium in national elections held on Sunday (13 June), paving the way for more powers to be delegated to the regions in the country that hosts the EU institutions.
Elections 02-06-2010

Belgium promises ‘rupture’ during EU presidency

Belgian State Secretary for European Affairs Olivier Chastel says Belgium will give full leeway to the EU's new front men – Herman Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton – when the divided country takes the rotating EU presidency on 1 July. He spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Elections 27-07-2009

Belgium seeks to close crises ahead of EU spell

Perhaps learning from the Czech Republic's experience, Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy says he will strive to solve the country's internal tensions by mid-2010 in order to avoid potential problems during the country's EU presidency in the second half of the year.
Future EU 21-04-2009

EU increasingly governed by the few, Belgian FM warns

With just a year to go until the Belgian EU Presidency, the country's foreign minister denounced the functioning of the Union, which he said is increasingly governed by an "executive board of big countries".
Digital & Media 26-07-2001

5 telecom priorities for Belgian EU Presidency

Belgium will mainly focus on finalising the 1999 telecommunications sector review. Other Belgian priorities are UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), .EU, e-government and e-security.

Belgian EU Presidency to focus on 5 priorities in research policy

Belgium will mainly focus on a European research area and the 6th framework programme during its presidency of the EU. The presidency of the Research Council will be allocating a specific priority to strengthening relations between science, society and the citizen.