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  • Ending female genital mutilation requires tackling deeply embedded discrimination

    Development Policy 06-02-2015

    Today, 6 February, as we mark International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, it is worth remembering how cruel, pointless and destructive FGM is, writes Hilde Vautmans.

  • What a good resolution to the biofuels reform would look like

    Sustainable Development 21-01-2015

    ?The best way to promote advanced biofuels is to correctly account for indirect land use change (ILUC), writes Nusa Urbancic.

  • People with intellectual disabilities in the EU deserve proper healthcare

    Health 14-11-2014

    The European Union recognises that the foundation for a healthy society is healthy people.  But it still lags behind in ensuring that its 15 million people with intellectual disabilities can have access to healthcare systems that are prepared in dealing with their situation, writes Meghan Hussey.

  • Embrace big data to educate Europe

    Digital & Media 17-10-2014

    Big data offers the opportunity to transform the education sector in Europe, writes Olivier Dumon, but he calls on the EU Commission to embrace policies to enable this to happen.

  • Community energy deserves Europe-wide support

    Energy 16-10-2014

    European citizens are increasingly taking control of their energy supply, introducing secure, renewable sources, through community initiatives, writes Susann Scherbarth. At a time of precarious energy security, community energy needs to be explicitly recognised as part of the EU 2030 framework, which will be discussed by EU leaders next week. 

  • Railways derailing EU-Japan talks?

    Transport 12-09-2014

    Since the mid-2000s, the EU has made the opening of public procurement markets one of its key priorities in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and in the bilateral agreements it negotiates with the US and Japan.

  • The revolving door keeps on spinning: it’s time for ex-MEPs to cool off!

    Public Affairs 02-09-2014

    The former chair of the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), Sharon Bowles, created a furore last week by taking up a position as a non-executive director at the London Stock Exchange.  This followed recent reports of two other ex-ECON members also walking through the revolving door.  In an election year, when many ex-MEPs are back on the job market, particular scrutiny rightly needs to be paid to such potential conflicts of interest and in April, the Transparency International EU Office (TI-EU) highlighted the issue in a report on the EU integrity system.

  • France and Belgium should change their care model

    Social Europe & Jobs 29-04-2014

    In the wake of the “scandal” about the mistreatment of disabled persons of French nationality in Belgian care institutions, the UN’s regional representative for Europe weighs in to denounce the lack of community-based alternatives in both France and Belgium.

  • Fill bellies, not bins!

    Agrifood 28-03-2014

    On 1st April in Brussels, Feeding the 5,000 and a coalition of European partner organisations will feed 5000 people in Brussels with a free lunch made entirely from food that would have been wasted. Campaigner Tristram Stuart wonders whether Europeans are making the best use of wasted food in terms of recovering and recycling its value.

  • Slowly but surely on the path towards a federal European Union

    EU Priorities 2020 22-08-2012

    Shared responsibility and solidarity are the two key words that will steer the European debate in the coming years as the European Union slowly moves towards a federal model, writes Didier Reynders.

  • Is Belgium next?

    Elections 15-10-2010

    As Belgium's political instability continues, the country's economic future looks increasingly precarious and whether it will be next to succumb to a debt crisis depends on which scenario the Belgians end up choosing, write Susanne Mundschenk and Raphael Cottin, executive director and research associate at Eurointelligence.

  • Why the incoming EU presidency will not suffer from Belgium’s domestic turmoil

    Public Affairs 22-06-2010

    Despite the domestic political turmoil in the country, Belgium's forthcoming EU presidency will probably be unaffected and run smoothly for a number of reasons, including the introduction of a Council president and the country's experience as a member state, write Steven Van Hecke and Peter Bursens, members of the Research Group on European and International Politics at the University of Antwerp, in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.