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Elections 09-01-2017

A marriage of convenience

By courting the ALDE group, the Five Star Movement may prove that populists can move into the political mainstream. Despite differences between Beppe Grillo and Guy Verhofstadt, their parties are not as different as they seem, writes Nicholas Whyte.
Michael Emerson
Brexit 11-06-2014

The UK has no interest in bringing back competences

There is a huge contradiction between Britain's Eurosceptic populism, and the evidence it claims supports repatriating EU powers, writes Michael Emerson.
EU Elections 2014 28-05-2014

Europe’s populist parties lack proper online networks

Pro-European groups connect through the Internet. Euroskeptics remain independent and isolated, writes Isabell Hoffmann from the Bertelsmann Foundation.
Elections 26-04-2013

Enrico Letta’s burden

A gigantic task awaits Italy's newly-appointed premier, Enrico Letta, and we may hope the young leader proves strong enough to sustain the country's emergence from political deadlock, since there is no alternative, writes Silvia Francescon.