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Future EU 29-03-2007

Merkel wants EU leaders to stick to 2009 treaty deadline

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has exhorted European leaders to overcome internal problems in order to make the EU fit to face the challenges of globalisation, after an EU Summit in Berlin had agreed to institutional reform by 2009.
Future EU 26-03-2007

Europe set for constitutional revamp?

The Berlin Declaration has set out a timeline for an institutional renewal of the EU by 2009. However, opinions differ as to what should be included in the new EU Treaty.
Future EU 26-03-2007

EU leaders set 2009 deadline for institutional reform

Celebrating the EU's 50th anniversary at an informal summit in Berlin, EU leaders on 25 March 2007 vowed to have a new treaty in place by 2009.
Future EU 23-03-2007

‘Constitution’ and ‘enlargement’ dropped in EU birthday declaration

The Berlin Declaration marking the EU's 50th anniversary will not directly mention enlargement or the European Constitution, in order to avoid potential disputes between member states.
Future EU 23-03-2007

EU to celebrate 50th anniversary

As European leaders get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome in Berlin on 25 March 2007, last-minute disagreements have emerged over a declaration outlining the EU's major achievements and future perspectives.
Future EU 20-03-2007

Germany wins Poland backing for EU birthday text

Following a visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Warsaw on 16-17 March, Poland agreed to back the Berlin Declaration despite the absence of a mention of Christianity in the text, clearing the way for the Treaty of Rome's 50th anniversay celebrations to take place later this week.
Enlargement 09-05-2001

European socialist leaders support enlargement

Leaders of centre-left parties from EU Member States give unanimous endorsement to EU's plan to expand eastwards