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Economy & Jobs 11-03-2020

Expert : Germany could use EU presidency to shape EU-China relations

In an interview with EURACTIV Germany, director of the Asia programme of the European Council of Foreign Relations, Dr Janka Oertel, described how Germany could play a pivotal role in changing the EU's relations with China and might even force the exclusion of Huawei from the planned 5G expansion across the EU.
Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. 2013 [The Council of the European Union]
EU Elections 2014 30-05-2014

Mario Monti: Euroscepticism contains ‘a bone of truth’

Italy is emerging from the EU elections as a key player in the European Union, says former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Although Eurosceptic populists' proposed solutions are systematically wrong, a 'bone of truth' lies within the populists' criticisms of of Europe .
Professor Christina Holtz-Bacha. [Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg]
EU Elections 2014 23-05-2014

Media expert: Falling voter participation caught in a vicious cycle

Across Europe, decreasing voter participation rates are seen as an indicator for falling public support of the European idea, but the two may not be so closely related, says Dr. Christina Holtz-Bacha.
Ska Keller [Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2014

Keller: Europe is more than just conservatives and socialists

Ska Keller is in the middle of a pan-European campaign and is facing some political heavyweights in the EU ‘presidential debates’. But the main question facing the European Greens is what role will they still play after 25 May? A question Keller answers in an interview with EURACTIV.
Energy 12-03-2014

Expert: Renewables and nuclear can integrate reasonably

EU countries making changes to their mechanisms for renewable energy support need to do so in an orderly and predictable manner, so as to ensure stability, David Buchan has told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an interview.
EU Elections 2014 06-03-2014

German MEP: ‘Eurosceptic AfD is playing false game’

Germany's Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party must be fought with facts, says Socialists and Democrat MEP Birgit Sippel. The data protection expert finds the German "no-spy" agreement with the US "ridiculous" and calls for strong, Europe-wide regulation of intelligence services.
EU Elections 2014 05-03-2014

Socialist MEP: A ‘single’ idea of Europe no longer exists

Top candidates for the European elections met at the Allianz forum in Berlin on Monday (3 March) under the heading "A Soul for Europe". In an interview with EURACTIV.de after the event, MEP Jo Leinen spoke of Europe's importance as a community of values and why this year's election is unprecedented.
Development Policy 24-02-2014

German MP (Die Linke): ‘We are still far from the 0.7% development aid target’

Germany's new development minister is on the right track, but involving private companies is not the appropriate policy in Africa. Instead, building up local regional markets should be the aim, says Left Party MP Niema Movassat.
EU Elections 2014 10-02-2014

CDU official: Our election agenda comes in reaction to the eurocrisis, not the AfD

Michael Stübgen, the European affairs spokesman for Germany's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), downplayed expectations that Germany will shift right in the European elections, but did agree that populist currents would be more strongly represented in the next European Parliament. He spoke to EURACTIV Germany in an interview.
Digital & Media 10-02-2014

German academic: US, Europe unlikely to agree on data protection in near future

Surveillance activities are part of the overall US security strategy and spying on Europeans is done to safeguard and protect its allies from possible threats, argues Annegret Bendiek, but views in Paris, Berlin or Brussels are not quite the same.
EU Elections 2014 30-01-2014

Social Democrat MP: Parliaments need closer and more efficient cooperation

Axel Schäfer, deputy chairman of the Social Democratic Party's faction in the German Bundestag, sees room for improvement in cooperation among national parliaments and the European Parliament. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Germany, he outlined a plan for a new parliamentary forum that would attract public attention and be more effective at reaching legislative targets. 
Development Policy 11-04-2013

German diplomat: Three of four development projects in Africa fail

Experience gained over the years shows that development cannot be governed from the outside, and this is why three out of four development projects in Africa fail, Volker Seitz, a German diplomat with a 17-years of experience in Africa, tells EURACTIV Germany.
Future EU 21-01-2013

Analyst: Bright days ahead for Franco-German partnership

Despite tensions over the management of the eurozone debt crisis, the Franco-German relation has bright days ahead of itself, according to Thomas Klau, head of the Paris Office at the European Council on Foreign Relations. The two countries celebrate today (21 January) the 50 years of the signing of the Elysée Treaty.
Future EU 12-09-2012

Federalist MEP: ‘We are not ever going to be like a German federal republic’

Eurozone countries, at the request of Germany, have taken steps towards fiscal union and greater budget discipline, but Berlin will have to agree to a second phase of integration with fiscal solidarity and debt mutualisation, says Andrew Duff.
Future EU 06-09-2012

Analyst: The new EU treaty will be built by a vanguard

It is doubtful that all 27 EU members can agree to start treaty negotiations within the next few years. But a smaller vanguard of member states could agree on treaty changes which could be adopted by the other partners later on, Thomas Fischer from the Bertelsmann Stiftung told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Euro & Finance 25-06-2012

Rodrigues: Eurozone crisis is reaching a new stage

The eurozone crisis is reaching a new stage. It is no longer evolving in small economies, but also in large economies, Maria João Rodrigues tells EURACTIV Slovakia.
Elections 18-04-2012

Attali: A federal Europe is the only crisis exit strategy

The only way to save the euro and get Europe out the crisis while maintaining people’s living standards is to change EU treaties to have a more integrated union, Jacques Attali said in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 21-12-2011

German MP: Bundestag will participate in EU fiscal union pact

As negotiations over the EU's new 'fiscal compact' begin in Brussels, the Bundestag promises to make its voice heard. EURACTIV Germany spoke with Patrick Sensburg, a Christian Democratic MP who chairs the Subcommittee on European Law.

MEP: Enlarged labour market needs social dialogue

Social dialogue is becoming ever more important in the enlarged EU labour market, and is one of the areas where the EU can best assist member countries, German MEP Nadja Hirsch (ALDE) told EURACTIV Hungary in an exclusive interview.
Global Europe 24-03-2011

Opinion maker: Libya crisis ‘not threatening’ Franco-German relations

France was right to take decisive action to prevent Muammar Gaddafi from unleashing a bloodbath in Benghazi, and the distance between positions of Paris took from Berlin would not threaten Franco-German relations, Dominique Moïsi, founder and senior advisor at Ifri (the French Institute for International Relations), told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Future EU 04-10-2010

EU negotiator: ‘Main difficulty of German reunification was its speed’

East and West Germany reunified on 3 October 1990, less than a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The historic event was described as an "[EU] enlargement without accession" by EU diplomats. Carlo Trojan, the European Commission's chief negotiator on Germany's reunification, describes the events in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Germany.

German minister: EU faces ‘innovation gap’

The EU's new innovation strategy must do more to link research, education and entrepreneurship if it is to tackle Europe's "innovation gap", Dr. Georg Schütte, state secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Central Europe 31-05-2010

Slovak Minister: Barroso behind economic mess

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso's recent criticism of Germany's calls for budgetary discipline to be tightened in the EU even if treaty change is required was "tactless", Slovak Finance Minister Ján Po?iatek told EURACTIV Slovakia in an exclusive interview.
EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2010

Lalumière: Today’s leaders cast Europe adrift

Today's generation in command of the EU appears tired and is losing the sense of a European project, says Catherine Lalumière, the first woman to have served as secretary-general of the Council of Europe, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.