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Security 22-07-2016

ISIS in Würzburg

Following an axe attack on a Bavarian commuter train on Monday (18 July) by an Afghan asylum seeker claiming allegiance to ISIS, Germany’s news media were awash with reports that the terrorist organisation had finally staged a successful attack. EURACTIV.com news editor Joel Schalit, was almost there.
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Digital & Media 18-05-2015

Europe’s digital start-ups need swift DSM strategy

The EU can take responsibility for changing the overall business environment for digital start-ups and infuse a more entrepreneurial mind-set throughout Europe, writes Kaya Taner.
Languages & Culture 04-12-2014

British Lord wins European Book Prize with plea to make EU stronger

The 2014 European Book Prize was awarded to two of Europe's most deserving authors: Sociologist Anthony Giddens, and novelist-journalist Pascale Hugues.
The crucial scene before the fall of the Berlin Wall: Günter Schabowski's press conference in the International Press Centre on 9 November 1989. [Bundesarchiv]
Languages & Culture 06-11-2014

Remembering people, places and myths surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall

25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, former Austrian correspondent Ewald König returns to the place where Günter Schabowski mistakenly ordered the opening of the Wall, where myths live on and where König met the young Angela Merkel.
Europe's East 04-02-2014

Ukraine crisis shows greater assertiveness of German foreign policy

The Ukrainian crisis is important in itself, but Berlin’s direct challenge of Ukraine's elected president is perhaps much more important. In challenging President Viktor Yanukovich, Berlin took on Russia, a reflection of Germany's recent brazen foreign policy, write George Friedman and Marc Lanthemann.
Euro & Finance 02-01-2014

Will genuine monetary union be a fiscal or stability union?

Before Christmas (19th-20th December), European heads of state and government met in Brussels for the European Council, to discuss plans for a “genuine” Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). But what started as a promising plan appears to have been stripped-down intensively in scope, writes Björn Hacker.
Brexit 22-10-2013

Trying to keep the Germans close on EU competences is risky for Britain

If Britain is to be successful in winning over Germany on EU reform then it needs to understand the country’s federal system, with its intricate balance of competencies, and how it is crucial for the German thinking on Europe, argues Almut Möller.
Elections 30-09-2013

Germany and the EU: a new cycle?

A new coalition in Germany may revamp its EU policy towards more commitment. The country's partners will have to get a better grasp of its concerns, but the new constellation can foster further progress in Europe, write Jacques Delors, Antonio Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini.
Euro & Finance 24-07-2013

Repairing the political damage caused by the Troika

The Troika interventions in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus have generated long-lasting political damage for the image of the EU that needs to be fixed or compensated: this requires promoting a European political game organised along national and party lines, write Yves Bertoncini and Valentin Kreilinger.
Global Europe 19-07-2013

Hungary seeks a multidimensional foreign policy

In the light of a weakening European Union and a less reliable NATO, Budapest is reassessing its position in Europe. A more centralised control of domestic politics and a more independent foreign policy are key parts of this strategy, writes Stratfor.
Future EU 10-07-2013

Welcome to Europe’s painful new normal

Europe’s new normal is a state of affairs in which the post-war integrationist zeal and sense of togetherness is gone, writes Jan Techau.
Global Europe 19-06-2013

US, Germany: Common ground in a complex relationship

Germany's geographic position at the heart of Europe forces Berlin to formulate a multifaceted foreign policy. It must balance its military alliance with the United States against its energy ties with Russia, Berlin's largest natural gas supplier. It is through this context that US President Barack Obama's 18-19 June visit to Germany must be viewed, writes Stratfor.
Future EU 06-06-2013

Four steps to usher EU out of austerity

The transition to a more integrated eurozone within a vaster internal market may usher Europe out of austerity, if applied properly. Berlin has given indications it would not stand in the way. The French Socialist Party must map the way forward at its June convention and act between September’s German elections and the May 2014 European elections, writes Christophe Leclercq.
Elections 21-03-2013

Europe’s nationalist demons are not sleeping, they have already woken up

Holding together and strengthening the European Monetary Union is vital, but we must take care we do not sacrifice the foundations of peace and fraternity on which the European Union was founded, writes MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis.
Trade & Society 04-03-2013

Europe, unemployment and instability

Countries with relatively low wages ought to have a competitive advantage over German exports. However, many have negative balances of trade, writes George Friedman.
Elections 27-02-2013

Italian elections show emerging challenge to German leadership

The Italian crisis not only threatens to return instability to the eurozone, but it also shows that Germany’s efforts to ensure new governments align with Berlin’s strategy are becoming increasingly difficult, writes Stratfor.
Euro & Finance 14-02-2013

The economic crisis and the Franco-German alliance

France and Germany are interested in preserving their alliance, because the survival of the European Union depends on it. But France clearly is beginning to feel the effects of the political and economic reconfiguration of Europe that began two decades ago, writes Stratfor.
Energy 11-02-2013

Franco-German energy cooperation: A model for Europe

France and Germany could become the avant-garde of cross-border energy cooperation and could set the standards for all of Europe, writes Georg Zachmann.
Energy 23-10-2012

China: The fine line between fair competition and protectionism

Since global economic ties are so closely meshed and dependent jobs are so numerous, a market intervention in the form of trade barriers would have fatal consequences for the European solar industry, writes Thorsten Preugschas.
Energy 16-10-2012

Power to the people: The community-based energy transition in Europe

Generating all energy from renewable sources is no longer a pipe dream in Europe. From Denmark to Austria, we can see examples of a successful energy transition. Germany is clearly seen as the front-runner and an important driver - especially due to its nuclear phase-out. But the energy transition is not only “made in Germany” but also “made in Europe”, says Anna Leidreiter.
Future EU 04-09-2012

Germany’s campaign to save Europe

By highlighting what European integration has achieved in the Ich will Europa (I Want Europe) campaign, German Chancellor Angela Merkel attempts to persuade German citizens that further sacrifices are worthwhile, argues Stratfor.
Euro & Finance 30-08-2012

Will a new German constitution save the euro?

On 12 September Germany's constitutional court will issue a preliminary verdict on the European Stability Mechanism and the fiscal compact. Whatever the court does, the debate about a new, pro-European constitution will hot up this autumn. But do not be fooled: Germany is still a very long way from agreeing to eurobonds, says Katinka Barysch.
Europe's East 20-06-2012

Ukraine and the political disintegration of Europe

The EU isn't sure of its own political future, while Ukraine has no foreign policy strategy at all. However disappointing this may be, in these circumstances both Brussels and Kyiv have no other choice than to "imitate" that they are maintaining relations, agues Viktor Tkachuk.
Elections 19-06-2012

Voters push the EU in the wrong direction

The outcome of Greece's 17 June election disappointed Europe not because of the choice it made, but because the country was crippled with indecision, says George Friedman. The analysis was first published by Stratfor.