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Sports 16-02-2009

MEPs divided over online gambling

In an unusual move, the European Parliament is set to vote on two different reports regarding online gambling next month. A minority of MEPs strongly disagree that member states should be allowed to regulate online gambling, calling for internal market rules on freedom of services to be applied instead.
Sports 08-03-2007

Court rules to end gambling monopolies

A second landmark ruling on gambling, the 'Placanica case', puts pressure on EU member states to change their national laws restricting access to provision of sports-betting services.
Sports 13-06-2006

Ombudsman: politically sensitive complaints must be addressed

The European Ombudsman criticises the Commission of maladministration as to handling of an infringement complaint by an EU citizen. Politically sensitive or not, complaints need to be dealt in due time, he says. 
Sports 07-04-2006

Commission investigates national restrictions on sports betting

Following complaints from sports betting service providers, the Commission is set to verify the national restrictions on sports gambling in place in several EU member states.
Sports 27-02-2006

Absence of EU rules on gambling generates national court cases

The international sports betting business is disappointed of gambling being left out of the services directive. As the legal situation in the sector remains unclear, a new court case is under preparation in Italy.
Sports 13-05-2005

EU sports ministers want games of chance out of services directive

Whether games of chance remains in the services directive or is taken out completely is likely to have major implications for sports funding in the EU. EURACTIV looks into the state of play in this debate.