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Global Europe 21-08-2019

Trump unsettles G7 with support for Russia return

President Donald Trump on Tuesday (20 August) gave a foretaste of his convention-wrecking diplomacy at next weekend's G7 by calling for Russia - expelled from the group of democracies - to be readmitted.

MEPs debate results of Biarritz Summit

During their monthly plenary session in Strasbourg, MEPs discussed the outcome of the informal Biarritz Summit of EU leaders
SMEs 16-10-2000

Biarritz endorses Rights Charter and enhanced co-operation.

During their Biarritz Summit, EU leaders adopted the Charter of Fundamental Rights and accepted the idea of enhanced co-operation.
SMEs 13-10-2000

Biarritz: crucial summit for EU

The special European Council in Biarritz from 13-14 October will be crucial for the result of the Intergovernmental Conference.