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Technology 19-05-2022

Infrastructure costs: fair contribution versus net neutrality

The European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) does not support the Council’s position on network contribution because making big tech firms pay does not follow the principle of net neutrality. 

Breaking digital dominance

Today’s expected agreement on the Digital Markets Act is essential to crack market dominance in digital markets. However, if negotiators fail to agree on effective tools to get under the skin of the underlying business model of advertising, we risk not only stifling of innovation and poor data protection but on top of that also societal harms, such as disinformation and hate speech, write René Repasi and Paul Tang.
Technology 22-03-2022

The Digital Markets Act is one of our best tools to resist to information wars

The West is involved in at least two wars in Ukraine: a military war and an information war. Meanwhile, governments pressure the largest social media platforms as they are the biggest battleground for the information war, writes Maria Luisa Stasi.
Technology 21-03-2022

Russia finds Meta guilty of ‘extremist activity’, says WhatsApp can stay

A Moscow court on Monday found Meta Platforms Inc guilty of "extremist activity", but said its decision would not affect the WhatsApp messenger service, focusing its ire on the company's already banned Facebook and Instagram social networks.
Technology 17-03-2022

Big tech is pulling tricks instead of doing what is right

There is a 19th-century Russian saying - “to earn a rouble and keep one’s honour” - which applied with irony to people who try to do good, play by the rules and still receive personal gain. Like so many others in the past, the world's tech giants failed at both when Russia invaded Ukraine, writes Janusz Cieszyński.
Technology 11-03-2022

EU, UK launch parallel antitrust probe on Google-Meta ad tech deal

The European Commission launched on Friday (11 March) a competition investigation into whether Google and Meta had violated EU antitrust law in their use of online display advertising, in parallel with the UK’s Competition Market Authority's own probe.
Technology 01-03-2022

Platforms scale up efforts to tackle Russian war propaganda

Some of the world's biggest tech platforms are rolling out unprecedented actions designed to stem the tide of Kremlin-sponsored disinformation surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 
Technology 24-02-2022

Could the EU be on the cusp of a Paris Agreement For The Internet?

It’s a global issue. It’s an existential threat to our way of life. And it threatens the collapse of entire ecosystems.
Technology 15-02-2022

Don’t forget security as we set the rules for our online lives

The EU takes cybersecurity seriously. And with cause. Cyber crime is rife, ransomware big business, and state actors increasingly resort to cyber interference to promote their interests and weaken adversaries.
Technology 14-02-2022

Make content platforms pay for digital infrastructures, telecom CEOs say

The CEOs of Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Orange have called on the European Commission in an open letter to make large content providers contribute to the infrastructural investments.
Technology 03-02-2022

How do you say Amazon in Italian? Monopolista

Italian, French, and German regulators are stepping up fines on Big Tech for antitrust and privacy violations before Europe’s upcoming Digital Markets Act risks diluting their authority.
Technology 25-01-2022

EU must resist attempts to dilute Digital Markets Act 

The EU is on the brink of adopting new rules that will transform the dynamics of the digital economy and so significantly improve consumers’ experience. But it is crucially important that EU lawmakers resist last-ditch attempts by Big Tech companies to derail or neutralise these rules before they reach the statute book, writes Ursula Pachl.
Technology 14-12-2021

UK lawmakers call for strengthened Online Safety Bill

Binding codes of practice, measures to keep children from accessing pornography, and new criminal offences related to the online world are needed to strengthen the UK’s proposed Online Safety Bill, according to a parliamentary committee.
Technology 09-12-2021

Europe tech investment to reach $100 billion in 2021

Europe is set for a record $100 billion investment in the tech sector by the end of the year, according to a new report.

The last-minute amendments that could change the DMA

The European Parliament’s economic committee (ECON) could table up to six amendments introducing significant changes to the law to regulate internet giants. The leading negotiator for the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Andreas Schwab, requested no separate amendments be tabled during...
Technology 06-12-2021

Why internet regulation and media freedom must go hand-in-hand

The European press sector has serious concerns about the ongoing Digital Services Act negotiations in Parliament and Council, which risk undermining Europe’s free and independent press.  Victoria Svanberg is the acting vice-chair and acting chairman of NWT Gruppen AB and...
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Politics 25-11-2021

Campus on Digital Freedom in Rome

The European Conservatives and Reformists Party has put together the opportunity for  young people to learn about the digital world for a reasonable  participation fee.
Technology 31-08-2021

Commission won’t monitor lobbying access despite growing Big Tech pressure

The European Commission has said it does not control from whom and how often meetings with lobbyists are requested, following a report that has unveiled significant overrepresentation of business representatives in discussions with EU officials on key digital proposals.
Cybersecurity 26-08-2021

Biden calls on tech giants to ‘raise the bar’ on cybersecurity

US President Joe Biden urged Big Tech leaders to step up their game in enhancing the country’s cybersecurity, following a series of high-profile cyber-attacks in recent months.
Technology 24-08-2021

Campaign against targeted ad spills over the DMA amid business concerns

A push by some EU lawmakers to ban targeted ads has entered the debate around regulation zooming in on Big Tech, with several business representatives voicing their concerns.
Technology 24-08-2021

Facebook bans Taliban but Twitter adopts more ‘laissez faire’ approach

Facebook's and Twitter's contradicting approaches vis-à-vis the Taliban social media accounts are a perfect illustration of the content moderation dilemma online platforms are facing.

Germany fears EU digital law might loosen its antitrust grip on tech giants

German competition authorities have piled pressure on American tech giants since new rules came into force in January. However, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) currently being discussed at EU level may supersede the section of the German law that targets big tech. EURACTIV Germany reports.
MEPs have said that a 'lack of political will and resources' has resulted in a laggard approach to enforcement of the EU's general data protection regulation (GDPR), criticizing, in particular, the lack of sanctions dished out by the Irish data protection authority.
Data protection 26-03-2021

MEPs rue lack of GDPR sanctions issued by Irish data authority

MEPs have said that "a lack of political will and resources" had resulted in a laggard approach to enforcement of the EU's general data protection regulation (GDPR), singling out in particular the lack of sanctions dished out by the Irish data protection authority.
The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued a stark warning on the involvement of Big Tech firms in cryptocurrency projects, warning that such could jeopardise privacy, create further risks to fair competition and even 'endanger monetary sovereignty.'
Technology 11-02-2021

ECB issues stark warning on Big Tech cryptocurrency projects

The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued a stark warning on the involvement of Big Tech firms in cryptocurrency projects, cautioning that such moves could jeopardise privacy, create further risks to competition and even "endanger monetary sovereignty".