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Trade & Society 26-06-2015

Chinese envoy: A bilateral investment deal with the EU is in sight

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, the Chinese Ambassador to the EU says next week's EU-China summit will accelerate work to achieve progress.
Euro & Finance 26-08-2011

Swiss in talks with EU countries on separate tax deals

After striking deals with Germany and the UK to make clients in those countries pay a levy on their secret accounts held with Swiss banks, Switzerland is now negotiating other bilateral agreements in response to pressure from EU countries to crack down on tax evasion.  
Global Europe 16-12-2010

Switzerland hits back at EU criticism

Switzerland has defended its relationship with the European Union after facing some strongly-worded criticism from EU foreign ministers, who called the current bilateral setup ''unwieldy'' and ''incoherent''.
Global Europe 10-12-2010

EU-Switzerland relations

Switzerland is the third largest economic partner of the EU, after the USA and China. Switzerland is able to participate in the EU's single market thanks to a series of bilateral agreements. This approach suits the Swiss confederation, but its complexity has become problematic for the EU and attempts are now under way to simplify the relationship.