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Alcohol 04-02-2019

Pernod Ricard CEO: Informed consumers will make healthier choices

“Information is power,” the boss of French spirits maker Pernod Ricard told EU policymakers last week, underlining the fundamental role of consumer education in reducing alcohol abuse, particularly among students.
Alcohol 07-12-2017

‘Sea Battle’: Students learn to party smart on boat cruise

As part of the “Responsible Party” alcohol prevention programme [See background], Pernod Ricard Sweden has joined forces with the Erasmus Students Network (ESN) to implement a unique “Sea Battle” project.
Aviation 13-07-2017

Spain’s party islands ask EU to ban booze on flights

Authorities in the Balearic Islands, home to the party resorts of Ibiza and Magaluf, on Wednesday (12 July) asked Spain and the European Union to ban alcohol on flights and in airports as they battle "anti-social tourism".
Health 01-09-2016

Study: Fertility ‘unaffected’ by moderate alcohol consumption

A new study has found that if a woman wants to get pregnant, she should abstain from alcohol but not necessarily “completely”.
Irish pub
Health 10-12-2015

Ireland unveils minimum alcohol price plan to reduce drinking

The Irish government, aiming to change the country's "damaging attitude to alcohol", approved on Wednesday (9 December) plans for minimum prices for drinks in the hope of reducing one of Europe's highest levels of alcohol consumption.
Health 03-06-2014

Spirit makers debate ways to tackle binge drinking among EU youth

While policymakers worry about young people's drinking habits, the spirits industry has proposed that separate approaches are required to combat alcohol abuse, at a local level, due to the different drinking cultures in the 28 EU member states.
Health 17-05-2013

EU’s alcohol strategy needs further push, MEPs say

Europeans are the heaviest drinkers in the world and in some EU member states, such as Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, the alcohol consumption is 2.5 times more than what an average person in the world drinks. The Commission's new strategy on alcohol, to be published later this year, has to better address the issue of alcohol-related harm, MEPs say.
Health 08-04-2013

Fighting alcohol harm: The EU’s strategy under review

Europeans have the highest per-capita consumption of alcohol, and drinking causes nearly 1-in-10 cases of ill health and premature death. The European Commission’s informal alcohol strategy, launched in 2006, is set for a detailed evaluation in 2013, with the policy objective of reducing the health and social harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Spirits industry questions death toll in French alcohol study

The French have long had a reputation for drinking in moderation. However, a new report states that the reputation is misleading and attributes 49,000 premature deaths per year - or 134 every day - to alcohol-related diseases.
Brexit 29-11-2012

England, Wales target binge drinking with minimum pricing

English and Welsh ministers are proposing a minimum price of ?0.45 (€0.56) for a unit of alcohol as part of a push to tackle problem drinking.
Health 30-05-2012

Scotland first to introduce minimum price on alcohol

The Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly passed a bill last week (24 May) that introduced a 0.50£ (0.63€) minimum price for a unit of alcohol, the first legally-binding minimum price within the European Union.
Brexit 28-03-2012

Commission prefers higher alcohol tax to combat binge drinking

The European Commission is more favourable to raising taxes on alcohol over setting a minimum price level following intense debate in Britain over Prime Minister David Cameron's proposed crackdown on binge drinking, a Commission official told EURACTIV.