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EU leaders silent on growing risk of an ISIS chemical attack

Plans to address the risk of a terrorist attack with non-conventional weapons are not part of the EU summit on 17-18 December, despite the growing risk of a such an attack by ISIS on European soil, according to analysts and EU institutions.
Security 03-02-2006

Analysis: Globalisation biosecurity and the future of the life sciences

A new report from the American National Research Council (NRC) says that global efforts are needed to anticipate and prevent potential misuse of advances in life sciences.
Security 28-04-2005

Bioterrorism: experts ask, how ready are we?

A conference, held in Brussels on 25 April, asked the question: "Countering bioterrorism: how can Europe and the United States work together?" The discussion, however, came up with little in the way of concrete answers.
Agrifood 16-11-2001

EU discusses plan to counter bioterrorism

The Commission and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry have discussed plans this week for an EU-wide strategy to ensure production, supply and availability of medicinal products for preventing or treating the effects of a biological attack. The Commission and industry representatives explored mechanisms that could be set up to counter possible attacks by biological agents such as Anthrax or Smallpox.
Agrifood 24-10-2001

Commissioner Byrne calls for defence against bioterrorism

Commissioner for health and consumer protection, David Byrne, called for an urgent review of EU defence mechanisms against potential bioterrorism attacks on its food chain. The commissioner told EU ministers of agriculture in Luxembourg on 23 October that he would talk to several ministers of health later this week to discuss relevant defence mechanisms.