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Climate change 15-07-2021

Green MEP: Voluntary schemes have failed biodiversity in forests

Voluntary schemes have not been enough to protect biodiversity in Europe's forests and more coordinated measures are needed to protect nature in the EU, according to Green lawmaker Ville Niinistö.
Biomass 04-05-2020

US scientist: ‘Roads and corruption’ are big drivers of deforestation

To be effective, forest conservation initiatives must be rooted in a local context – including the land ownership and tenure ecosystems in which they operate, says Keith Kline, from the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US.
Agrifood 29-10-2019

Only 1.5% of France’s waters are truly protected, expert says

To what degree are French waters genuinely protected? In an interview with EURACTIV's partner le Journal de l'Environnement, conducted after the fourth National Marine Protected Areas Congress (23-24 October), Élodie Martinie-Cousty of the France Nature Environnement (FNE) explained the situation.

Bas Eickhout: EU carbon market needs alignment with 2050 goal

The next European Commission will have to reopen the Emissions Trading Scheme directive if it is serious about reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, argues Bas Eickhout, warning the next Commission chief will need to find a broader majority in the European Parliament than his predecessor.

UN specialist: Nature profiteers must pay for damage done

A United Nations initiative is making massive calculations in an attempt to put a price on nature services such as soils, forest or fresh water in a drive to convince policymakers to implement the 'polluter pays' principle to protect nature, said Pavan Sukhdev, who leads the initiative.
Development Policy 08-12-2009

Dimas: ‘We need a climate treaty by next June’

Setting a clear timetable for delivering a comprehensive legally binding climate treaty by mid-2010 is a must, the EU's Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas told EURACTIV in an interview.

Interview with Peter Carl – Biodiversity: “the basis for life”

The new Director General of DG Environment Mogens Peter Carl speaks about the importance of this year's Green Week, thus stressing the links between biodiversity and economic development. According to Mr Carl, "Europe is living beyond its means" and should learn "to produce more with less."