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Agrifood 16-05-2017

Bioenergy for rural development: An engine of growth for a rural renaissance

Emigration, unemployment, lack of services: these are among the many challenges faced by European rural areas.
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Economy & Jobs 23-10-2013

European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Biobased Economy 2013

The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Biobased Economy (EFIB) opened to a record delegation in Brussels at The Square.
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Agrifood 15-05-2013

BioBased Economy – Potential in the Land

Participants involved in pioneering the biobased economy share their experience, optimism and passion for biobased industrial development. Their stories demonstrate, first hand, the changes that are already happening across the biobased value chain, linking agriculture, industry, and consumers. Collectively, they illustrate the potential of the biobased economy to provide smarter, more sustainable, more inclusive solutions for Europe and for Europeans.
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Brussels presents bio-economy plan

The European Commission on Monday unveiled its new so-called "bio-economy" strategy. The plan wants to see Europe's economy make a transition to a post-petroleum era. By investing in innovation and technology, Europe hopes to develop cleaner and more sustainable ways to exploit its natural resources while at the same time creating jobs and staying competitive.??In the EU, the bio-economy already has a turnover of nearly 2 trillion euros and employs more than 22 million people.