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Security 26-10-2005

Digital passports needed for US

All EU passports issued on or after 26 October 2005 will have to contain a digital photo or they will not be valid for entry to the United States.
Security 17-06-2005

Biometric technology under fire

Studies from across Europe are casting doubt on the efficacy, validity and cost implications of biometric passport and identity card policies.
Security 16-06-2005

US concedes biometric passport deadline

The US has agreed to give EU member states an extra year to introduce full biometric passports.
Security 20-05-2005

No advance on US biometric passport deadline

EU and US officials have held talks on border and transport security but could report no progress on the issue of mandatory biometric passports.
Security 18-05-2005

Biometrics & democracy [Archived]

Biometrics are becoming more and more prominent in discussions about how society will look in the future. This dossier looks at their projected use in voting systems across Europe.
Security 10-05-2005

Border control – one single EU border

One of the fundamental principles of the EU project is free movement: EU citizens should be able to move freely and easily between member states. This means the withering away of borders within the Union and, concomitantly, the strengthening of controls at external borders. 
Security 26-04-2005

EU and US may be heading for a row on biometric passports

A satellite debate on anti-terrorism between senior EU and US officials has highlighted underlying differences on biometric passports. 

Global security policy will “roll back freedom”, says report

A report by a coalition of civil liberties organisations warns that individual liberty is under threat from a global programme of mass surveillance by government authorities.

Anti-terrorism Policy

With the suicide bombing attacks on London in July 2005, anti-terrorism has become the absolute top priority for the UK Presidency (June-December 2005) and for Europe. The EU anti-terrorism policy, in place since the 2001 US attacks and extended after the 2004 bombings in Madrid, is being stepped up and will be updated on an ongoing basis.
Security 09-03-2005

Terrorism threat: much talk but how much action?

March 11 2005 marks a year since the horrific bombing of 4 commuter trains in Madrid. But what action has Europe taken to stop such attacks happening again? EURACTIV gives an overview of what has been done, what is proposed and how views differ on the way forward.
Security 04-03-2005

EUs ‘Mr Anti-terrorism’ on the challenges facing the Union

Gijs de Vries was appointed in March 2004 as the European Council's special adviser to Javier Solana on counter-terrorism. A year in the post, he spoke to EURACTIV on the EU's current and future policies to defeat the terrorist threat. 
Security 13-01-2005

US anti-terrorism attaché to be based in Brussels

The secretary of the US department of homeland security, Tom Ridge, has announced that the US will send a senior representative on security and anti-terrorism to be based full-time in the European Union.
Security 12-01-2005

Biometrics and secure travel documents

The EU is seeking to improve the security of travel documents in the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration. From 2005, EU countries will begin to introduce biometric data into newly-issued passports. Similar proposals for visas and residence permits are being hampered by technical difficulties.
Security 10-01-2005

Central EU visa system will hold biometric data

The EU is to go ahead with plans to set up a central Visa Information System (VIS), a database which will contain photographs and fingerprint data.
Security 15-12-2004

Newly issued passports to include fingerprints

On 13 Dec the General Affairs Council approved two regulations dealing with biometric data in passports and external border security in the EU.
Security 29-10-2004

EU passports set to include biometric fingerprints

Justice and interior ministers have agreed to issue passports with biometric data such as fingerprints and digital photographs in the coming three years.
Security 20-10-2004

EU pressures US for visa-free travel for all its members

EU officials have met their US counterparts to discuss extending the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which currently allows nationals from 15 mostly western European members of the EU 25 to enter the United States without a visa.  
Security 18-10-2004

EU’s five biggest countries split over migrant camp proposal

Interior ministers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK have begun talks in Florence on handling immigration, terrorism and organised crime.  France and Spain oppose the creation of immigration centres in North Africa for would-be refugees.
Security 07-10-2004

EU travellers to US to be fingerprinted

EU citizens travelling to the US will be fingerprinted and photographed from 30 September 2004. In addition, EU travellers to the US will have to be in possession of machine-readable passport if they want to enter the US without a visa from 26 October onwards.
Trade & Society 23-06-2004

Reunited Europe vows to revitalise the EU-US relationship

The EU-US Summit will take place on 25-26 June. Issues at stake include terrorism, Iraq, the wider Mediterranean and Middle East, weapons of mass destruction, HIV/AIDS and the transatlantic economic relationship.
Security 10-06-2004

EU countries to issue biometric passports by end 2005

EU interior ministers have agreed that within 18 months passports from EU citizens will contain one or two pieces of biometric data, a digitised face photo (compulsory) and a fingerprint (optional).
Security 14-05-2004

Vitorino urges US to extend visa exemption to new EU members

JHA Commissioner Vitorino has asked the US administration to extend visa-free travel to all EU Member States and said that the EU is expected to start issuing new biometric passports by the end of 2005.
Security 05-04-2004

US to fingerprint EU citizens from September on

The US homeland security department has announced that the requirement for visitors to be fingerprinted and photographed is being expanded to include EU citizens.
Security 15-03-2004

No more residence cards for EU citizens from 2006

From 2006 onwards EU citizens will no longer have to apply for a residence permit to live and work in another EU country thanks to a new EU directive.