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Health 10-12-2021

Alzheimer’s researchers do not want to get lost in digital translation

Transposing research outcomes into digital products and services is a complex but stimulating process that could move the needle in diagnosing Alzheimer early but also in improving the quality of life of patients.
Health 13-10-2021

Europabio: Life science needs future-proof approach to become innovation ‘powerhouse’

The EU's policy priorities are a once-in-a-generation change to the regulatory framework offering both the industrial biotech and healthcare sectors an opportunity to set a direction for the next decades, says the newly appointed chairman of EuropaBio.
Health 13-10-2021

The future of biotech in Europe

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A fairly recent but already fast-growing industry, the biotech sector seeks to claim a role in Europe as a catalyst for growth in the aftermath of the COVID-crisis.
Health 01-10-2018

Europe’s health sector worried about post-Brexit investment dearth

Fragmented, multilingual and over-regulated: Europe is currently not an attractive place for investors and things could get worse after Brexit, experts from the life sciences industry have warned.
Brexit 24-05-2017

UK biotech boasts Europe’s best pipeline as Brexit looms

Britain's biotech sector boasts the strongest new drug pipeline in Europe but industry leaders say it needs continued access to global talent, funding and regulatory clarity to thrive in the future - all of which could be jeopardised by Brexit.
Health 15-03-2017

Biotechnology in Europe

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Biotechnology could help patients across Europe gain access to innovative therapies, for example, against rare diseases. Proponents of bio-medicines also claim that precision therapy, because it is more efficient, will ease the burden on member states’ ailing healthcare systems.
Agrifood 15-11-2016

New GM crops once again fail the safety test

As the world focuses elsewhere, two untested varieties of genetically modified maize are slowly manoeuvring their way through the legislative hoops of the European institutions towards Europe’s fields, writes Mute Schimpf.  
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Economy & Jobs 28-01-2015

EuropaBio’s Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2014

EuropaBio’s Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award aims to showcase European Biotech SMEs that have developed an innovative solution to technical, social and environmental problems.  The award is committed to strengthening the biotechnology and innovation arena in Europe while promoting and empowering SMEs to generate novel solutions to unmet needs.
Agrifood 26-09-2013

Why the EU should agree to disagree on GMOs

The demand to transfer powers from the EU back to the national level is politically en-vogue in several EU member states at the moment. EU policy on agricultural biotechnology, however, is an interesting exception, writes Maria Weimer.
Health 01-07-2013

Regulators pave way for new wave of biosimilar drugs in Europe

European regulators have cleared the way for the first serious threat to the makers of multibillion-euro biotechnology drugs to treat diseases such as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.
Agrifood 04-01-2013

UK minister urges EU to speed up GM crop approvals

Britain's farming and environment minister has called for a speeding up in the European Union's approval process for genetically modified (GM) crops which he said offered definite benefits including less pesticide use.

Without Dalli, GMO foes hope for tougher EU policy

Environmental groups frustrated by Commissioner John Dalli’s outward support of the genetically modified food industry are hoping his successor will take a tougher line.
Agrifood 29-10-2012

The imaginary EU GM-Honey crisis is resolved

The European Commission proposed new rules in September regarding the presence of genetically modified pollen in honey. The new proposals consider that pollen in honey is a 'natural constituent', thereby contradicting a previous ruling by the European Court of Justice from September 2011 that considered it an 'ingredient', writes John Davison.
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Economy & Jobs 08-10-2012

EuropaBio’s Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2012

In an exciting twist, two companies have been announced as winners of EuropaBio's Most Innovative Biotech SME Award 2012. Commission Vice President Tajani who presented the award, during the event hosted by Dr. Kay Swinburne MEP at the European Parliament on 19th September, named both Austrian healthcare biotech SME ProtAffin AG and Global Bioenergies a French industrial biotech SME- as joint winners of the award.
Agrifood 03-07-2012

GMO ban: Risks for science-based assessments

French President François Hollande will face judicial problems over the ban on the cultivation of genetically modified plants, and this has widespread implications for science-based risk assessment in the EU, argue Marcel Kuntz, John Davison and Agnès E. Ricroch.
Agrifood 06-03-2012

Food agency revamps rules to boost transparency

The European Food Safety Authority, seeking to deflect criticism over the independence of its work, yesterday (5 March) announced moves to clarify disclosure rules and guidelines on who can serve as scientific experts.
Agrifood 15-02-2012

Food safety agency’s reliability faces fresh criticism

The EU agency charged with reviewing the safety of biotech crops and food products has “frequent conflicts of interest” with the industries it is supposed to evaluate, says a report that adds renewed doubts about its scientific assessments.
Agrifood 21-10-2011

Biotech group bids to recruit high-profile GM ‘ambassadors’

Europe's largest and most influential biotech industry group, whose members include Monsanto, Bayer and other GM companies, is recruiting high-profile "ambassadors" to lobby European leaders on GM policy.

EU weighs proposals to break GMO deadlock

Plans to let national governments decide whether to allow genetically modified (GM) crop cultivation on their land could unblock a paralysis in EU GMO approvals, but risk igniting internal market disputes.
Agrifood 19-10-2009

Bill Gates sets eye on ‘next green revolution’

As preparations for the world summit on food security next month speed up, Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of software giant Microsoft, is urging governments, donors, researchers, farmer groups and environmentalists to overcome "ideological" divisions about technological solutions to increase agricultural productivity in Africa.
Agrifood 01-07-2009

Commission allows ten more years of GM maize cultivation

The European Union took a step closer yesterday (30 June) towards ten more years of biotech cultivation after leading scientists reconfirmed the safety of the only genetically modified crop to be grown commercially in Europe so far.

Fischler backs ‘new technologies’ to solve food crisis

Amid increasing global demand for food, new technologies to increase land fertility are part of the solution to make arable land more productive, Franz Fischler, a former EU agriculture commissioner, argued in an interview with EURACTIV.

Interview: Life sciences need to enter ICT age

Life scientists need to turn to ICT experts for computational modelling to simulate how living systems work and make new discoveries, argues a biologist in an interview with EURACTIV.

Biologist: Life sciences need to enter ICT age

As advances in basic biological research move up a gear, the amount of data generated can no longer be understood via traditional experiments and life scientists must turn to ICT experts for computational modelling and simulation of how living systems work, argues a biologist in an interview with EURACTIV.