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Parliament pulls trigger on lead ammunition in wetlands

The European Parliament voted on Wednesday (25 November) to ban the use of lead ammunition in wetlands, triggering cries of victory among conservation groups, who said history has been made.

NGOs fear ‘better regulation’ could hurt environment

More than 100 environmental NGOs said on Tuesday (12 May) that they feared the European Commission may use its better regulation programme to cut nature protection laws. 
Climate change 03-03-2015

How lax legislation is killing the wildlife in Europe

Reports of elephants and rhino being massacred for their tusks or horns due to demand in Asia often make the headlines. But illegal activities are not confined to trade in luxury items destined for markets in Asia – serious infractions of conservation law are happening in Europe too.
Climate change 28-01-2011

EU clamps down on member states’ water quality

Four European countries are in hot water with the European Commission after failing to meet environmental standards for wetland preservation and surface water quality.