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Global Europe 31-10-2014

After recognising Palestine, Swedish legislators spar

One day after the Swedish government officially recognised the state of Palestine, members of the Parliament, Riksdagen, disagreed on whether this decision was right or "immature".
Economy & Jobs 18-07-2014

Sweden wants a Commissioner portfolio only dealing with human rights

Sweden wants the next European Commission to include a commissioner whose portfolio exclusively deals with human rights. The European Parliament elections have shown that this is necessary, says Birgitta Ohlsson, Minister for European Affairs and Democracy.
Student protest

#Happyvoting campaign sees MEPs dancing to attract young voters

A video showing MEPs dancing in the streets of Brussels, to the tune of Pharrell Williams' "Happy", was launched last month, in the hope of attracting young voters for the next European elections, in May.
Swden shopping street

Sweden in secret talks with Romania on beggars

For months, the Swedish government has held secret negotiations with Romania, in an attempt to help Roma migrants in Sweden, the local press has revealed.