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Arctic Agenda 21-03-2019

Arctic black carbon work hampered by US and Russia, says Finland

The Arctic region’s co-operation in the battle against global warming by reducing black carbon emissions is being hampered by the United States and Russia, the Finnish foreign ministry said on Wednesday (20 March).

Europeans ‘suffering’ due to air pollution inaction, says Potočnik

Environment Commissioner Janez Poto?nik has scolded European countries for their inaction on EU laws to combat air pollution,  which causes an estimated 420,000 premature deaths yearly in the Union.
Climate change 23-06-2010

Black carbon’s global warming role ‘still unproven’

The fine dust particles emitted from burning wood or fuel, referred to as black carbon, are "likely to play a role in climate change" but should not divert attention away from carbon dioxide, EU officials said.