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Enlargement 29-12-2021

Residents fire up generators as Kosovo energy crisis escalates

As Kosovo endures its worst energy crisis in a decade, Xhelal Gashi is considering closing down his bakery in Pristina because he is struggling to cover fuel costs for a generator since authorities introduced power cuts.
Energy 19-01-2016

Ukraine says Russian cyber attacks targeted its main airport

Ukrainian authorities will review the defenses of government computer systems, including at airports and railway stations, after a cyber attack on Kyiv's main airport was launched from a server in Russia, officials said yesterday (18 January).
Energy 12-12-2012

Energy chief: Cold winter will be ‘critical’ for Europe’s supplies

EXCLUSIVE / Europe’s power grid stability is hanging in the balance this winter, with a cold snap liable to create a ‘critical’ situation, the director of one of Europe’s five biggest power grids has told EURACTIV.
Energy 27-11-2003

Switzerland: EU-wide power trading rules urgently needed to prevent future blackouts

A report by the Swiss energy ministry on the blackouts in Italy calls for a thorough application of the new EU rules on cross-border power trading and for a closer co-operation between the EU and Switzerland.
Energy 24-11-2003

Controversial US energy bill stalled

Energy policy is currently high up on the political agenda for both the EU and the US. Although passed by Congress, a controversial energy bill on 21 November failed a test vote in Senate.
Energy 28-10-2003

Report on Italian electricity blackouts raises political questions

Electricity grid operators from Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia and Switzerland have released an interim report on the chain of events led to the blackout in Italy on 28 September.