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Future EU 15-09-2009

Iraq spectre looms over EU top jobs

Two high-profile supporters of the US-led war in Iraq are in pole position to lead the European Union, the co-chair of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, warned today (15 September).
Brexit 28-08-2009

Tories question economic benefits of EU membership

Leading Conservatives in the UK have challenged the government to justify the £6.4 billion net contribution the British exchequer will make to the EU coffers next year - a 60% rise on this year.
EU Priorities 2020 24-08-2009

Spanish support González EU presidency bid

Spaniards strongly support the candidacy of former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González to become the first permanent president of the European Council, according to a recent poll.
Brexit 09-06-2008

UK millionaire tries to defeat Lisbon Treaty in court

A British businessman is taking the UK government to court today over its refusal to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty. The move adds to the feeling of uncertainty about the EU's future, with the 'yes' and 'no' camps neck-and-neck ahead of the Irish referendum on 12 June.
EU Priorities 2020 07-05-2008

Sarkozy drops Blair as ‘Mr. Europe’ favourite

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has changed his mind over who should be the first ever permanent President of the European Council, according to press reports.
Future EU 08-06-2007

Brown, Blair and the Constitutional Treaty

Prime Minister Tony Blair believes that no referendum on the Constitutional Treaty would need to be held in the UK if, instead of attempting revive the original wide-ranging Treaty, the members states now simply agreed on a series of amendments, writes Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Union.
Brexit 11-05-2007

EU reacts to Blair bowing out

An emotional Tony Blair fought back tears on 10 May 2007, as he set the date of 27 June as being his last as UK prime minister - EU leaders have largely paid tribute to Blair's contribution to the European Union. 
Future EU 03-02-2006

Britain’s European dilemma: “isolation or treason”, says Blair

Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that the current situation in Europe offers Britain a "historic opportunity" to "cure the sickness that has afflicted Britian's relationship with the project of European integration".
Brexit 21-12-2005

UK Presidency: Hip hip but no hooray

In spite of widespread relief over the EU budget deal at the December summit, the UK presidency has scored less than brilliant marks from most observers.
Brexit 19-12-2005

EU pulls itself back from the abyss

A hard fought late night budget deal has put the EU back on track. Blair has rescued the remains of his European credentials while Germany’s Chancellor Merkel showed herself to be a new force to be reckoned with.
Future EU 16-12-2005

Merkel in key position at EU budget summit

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel is the 'woman in the middle'. She backs Blair in principle but does not want to jeopardise ties with France and must avoid Germany ending up footing the EU bill once again.
Brexit 28-11-2005

UK to go for budget cuts

Realising that the CAP spending will be hard to touch, the UK is set to make cuts in structural fund payments in its EU budget proposal. 
Elections 16-09-2005

Europe’s new triumvirate

Angela Merkel, Germany's potential new chancellor, and Nicolas Sarkozy, who is tipped to succeed Chirac, are getting in with Britain’s Tony Blair. Are we looking at a new balance of power in Europe, asks Daniel Kramb in an article published by café babel.
Security 07-07-2005

London hit by terrorist attack

Several explosions in London with at least 12 dead and many wounded have put the spectre of terrorism back on European agenda. A group saying it is linked to al Qaeda has claimed to be behind the attacks.
Brexit 04-07-2005

Blair calls informal social Europe summit

Tony Blair's first political move since taking the helm of the EU was to call an informal summit in October to debate the future direction of Europe, including its social model.
Brexit 01-07-2005

Blair at the helm of the EU

The UK is taking over the EU presidency at a time of political upheaval. With the high-profile clash over the EU budget still smouldering PM Tony Blair will have a hard time posing as the 'honest broker'. 
Agrifood 24-06-2005

Blair: “It is time for a reality check”

The UK PM Tony Blair defiantly promoted his idea of the need for reform, mostly to the applause of the major political groups in the EP.
Future EU 23-06-2005

Blair to argue reform case before EP

The UK PM Tony Blair's speech to the European Parliament on 23 June comes as fellow EU leaders continue the bickering over the failed EU summit.  
Brexit 31-05-2005

UK gets ready to shelve referendum on Constitution

UK PM Tony Blair has stopped short of officially calling off the UK referendum. He is also trying to fight off the notion that the French 'no' is a no to a liberal EU.  
Brexit 06-05-2005

Weakened Labour wins historic third term

Labour's third consecutive victory in the UK has come at the price of a sharply reduced majority. This has sparked immediate speculation as to when Prime Minister Tony Blair may step down. 
Security 19-11-2004

Blair and Chirac agree to disagree

The leaders of Britain and France appeared to seize the occasion of their meeting in London to emphasise their unity of purpose, although differences remained.
Security 18-11-2004

Chirac meets Blair under shadow of Iraq

As a sign of their continuing co-operation, the leaders of Britain and France are scheduled to hold a meeting in London on 18 November. However, disagreements over Iraq continue to linger.
Brexit 15-09-2004

Blair calls for new green industrial revolution

Tony Blair has promised strong environmental diplomacy, calling upon world leaders to take urgent steps to combat climate change. Environmentalists, however, point to urgent domestic problems.
Enlargement 18-05-2004

Blair backs Turkey’s EU bid

Provided that Turkey comply with the Copenhagen criteria, there should be nothing to stop its EU accession bid, says UK's PM Tony Blair during an official visit.