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Global Europe 29-10-2020

Erdogan vows action over ‘disgusting’ Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan vented his outrage Wednesday (28 at a "disgusting" cartoon in the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo depicting him looking up a woman's skirt while drinking beer in his underpants.
Languages & Culture 15-04-2013

Turkish pianist sentenced for tweeting Omar Khayyam poetry

A world-renowned concert pianist was given a suspended jail sentence in Turkey today (15 April) for insulting religious values on Twitter, a case which has become a cause célèbre for Turks alarmed about creeping Islamic conservatism.
Languages & Culture 14-09-2012

EU appeals for calm as Islamophobic video stirs Mideast tensions

José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, made an appeal against extremism yesterday (13 September), as demonstrators in Yemen and Egypt attacked US embassies, outraged by a blasphemous American film posted online.