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Health 11-10-2013

Professor: Early intervention can prevent many diseases causing blindness

SPECIAL REPORT / Diseases that can cause blindness, such as diabetes-related complications, can be prevented with better healthcare. The EU should therefore ensure that statistics on blindness in Europe are more uniform so that best practices can be exchanged between member states, says Michael Larsen.

South and east left behind as EU eyecare improves

SPECIAL REPORT / Citizens of Central and Eastern Europe are three times as likely to suffer from blindness or severe visual impairment than the rest of Europe, where the risk has been falling gradually, new data reveals.
A road toll in Serbia [Photo: Shutterstock]
Transport 06-10-2006

Commission steps up road-safety efforts

Blind-spot mirrors are to become mandatory for all European trucks and member states will have to upgrade their highways, according to new proposals from the Commission. 
Transport 03-07-2003

Parliament pushes for international harmonisation of legislation for rear-view mirrors

On 2 July, the European Parliament adopted a resolution pushing the Commission to align EU provisions on rear-view mirrors with the United Nations Economic Committee for Europe (UN/ECE) Regulation in this area.