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Agrifood 24-01-2020

EU urged not to overlook blind people in new food labelling rules

Laura Ferrara, an Italian MEP from the anti-system Five Star Movement, urged the European Commission to improve access to food information for blind and visually impaired people when it reviews the bloc's food labelling rules in the coming months.
Development Policy 19-04-2017

UK doubles funding to fight tropical diseases in developing world

The UK has pledged to double the funding it gives to fighting neglected tropical diseases, in a move that will protect more than 200 million people around the world from debilitating and painful conditions.
Development Policy 28-04-2016

Senegal aid projects appeal for EU funding ahead of Dakar summit

Projects in Senegal helping disabled schoolchildren and rescuing street kids have appealed for a continuation of their EU funding, as Brussels officials fly in for a summit in the capital, Dakar, with leaders of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) nations on Thursday (28 April).
Transport 05-12-2013

Blind people want noisier cars to improve pedestrian safety

The European Blind Union (EBU) has called on the EU institutions to uphold blind people’s basic right to walk the streets safely, warning that the proliferation of electric and hybrid vehicles pose a serious threat to the blind and partially sighted.

South and east left behind as EU eyecare improves

SPECIAL REPORT / Citizens of Central and Eastern Europe are three times as likely to suffer from blindness or severe visual impairment than the rest of Europe, where the risk has been falling gradually, new data reveals.
Digital & Media 09-10-2013

Books without borders give blind new opportunities

SPECIAL REPORT / A UN Treaty signed by the EU in late June will make it easier for blind and partially sighted people to share audio and Braille books across countries, a move which experts believe could boost the educational level of the disability group.
Health 08-10-2013

Workplace prejudice keeps blind people out of employment

SPECIAL REPORT / The statistics show that blind and partially sighted are the disability group with the lowest employment rate but the biggest obstacle for visually impaired jobseekers is not their disability, experts say.
Health 07-10-2013

Single EU definition of blindness could help save billions of euros: study

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe needs a unified definition of blindness to help tackle the condition that costs billions of euros in treatment and loss of economic activity, much of which could be saved, according to a study for the European Forum Against Blindness (EFAB), conducted across six countries.

Sharp contrast in jobless levels for Europe’s blind

SPECIAL REPORT/Unemployment rates amongst the visually impaired in Europe are highest in Romania, at 90%, and lowest in Sweden, where it dips below 60%, findings of an ongoing EU-backed research project show.

Europe blind to eyecare policy

SPECIAL REPORT/ MEPs have called for urgent measures to increase eyecare, as Europe's aging population and an uptick in chronic diseases threatens a rapid increase in the numbers suffering from impaired vision.