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Global Europe 04-08-2015

Italy counts 90,000 sea migrant arrivals so far this year

Italy's coast guard said about 1,800 migrants were rescued from seven overcrowded vessels over the weekend (2 August), while five corpses were found on a large rubber boat carrying 212 others.

EU leaders shy away from revamping the asylum policy

European heads of state and heads of government will meet this afternoon, 23 April, to agree on tougher measures to stem the flow of sinking refugee ships in the Mediterranean. But they are highly unlikely to make headway in introducing an element of “solidarity” in the Union’s asylum policy. EURACTIV France reports.
Italian frigate

EU leaders to consider military crackdown on Libya traffickers

EU leaders gathering in Brussels today (23 April) will consider launching a military operation against human traffickers in Libya, held responsible for the deaths of thousands of migrants this year in the Mediterranean, a draft statement showed.
Global Europe 22-04-2015

EU leaders must toughen response to Mediterranean crisis

The EU is finally waking up to the desperate crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean and North Africa, and tomorrow’s extraordinary Council summit is a step towards dealing with its consequences, writes Mirjam van Reisen.
Immigrant boat

EU’s Operation Triton to help Italy cope with migrants

The European Union plans to launch a mission to help Italy cope with swarms of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa, and avoid more disasters at sea, the EU said on Tuesday (7 October).

Tunisia boat people put EU to the test

The European Commission said yesterday (13 February) that it would help Rome to cope with the "exceptional pressure" created by thousands of illegal immigrants fleeing Tunisia for the Italian island of Lampedusa. Malta expressed fear that it would also become a landing point.