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Parliament concurs with Council on Services Directive

The Parliament has adopted, with the votes of its three largest groups, the much-disputed Services Directive, paving the way for the its entry into force in early 2010. It voted against all amendments to a summer 2006 Council compromise.

General applause for services compromise

The political agreement on the Services Directive brokered by the Competitiveness Council on 29 May has met with general applause, raising the hope for a final deal before the recess.  

Ministers reach deal on services directive

EU ministers have approved the draft legislation to open up the internal market for services. The new law, which will now return to Parliament for second reading, is one of the key elements of the EU's growth and jobs strategy.

Cheers and jeers for services vote

Stakeholders have reacted strongly to the Parliament's 16 February 2006 vote on the Services Directive. While political decision makers, trade unions and NGOs are happy, businesses are less so.

Conservatives and Socialists vote Services Directive through

Against the votes of all other groups and many of their own MEPs, the Parliament's two biggest group have managed to get the disputed 'Bolkestein Directive' adopted in the EP plenary.

Cracks start showing in services coalition

Ahead of the crucial vote on 16 February 2006, Conservative MEPs from the new member states and socialists from France and other countries, say they will not vote for the compromise amendments on the Services Directive agreed between senior MEPs of both groups.

Hold firm on services, six countries tell McCreevy

The governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK have sent a letter to Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, urging him not to cave in to the Parliament on the services directive. 

Doctors are opposed to inclusion of health in services directive

As the vote on the services directive in the Parliament's plenary approaches, MEPs are facing one last lobbying effort. While medical practitioners are opposed to the draft law, patients' associations would like to have health services included.
Competition 16-01-2006

Dockers in protest over liberalisation of port services

Thousands of dock workers have gathered in Strasbourg at the weekend to march on 16 January against a draft EU directive to liberalise port services. MEPs are divided over whether to reject or modify the proposal.

EU leaders: Services Directive the most important issue in 2006

Leading figures from the Austrian Presidency, the Commission and the Parliament agree that the Services Directive will be one of the most important issues of the new year.

Services: unions east and west criticise country of origin principle

Trade unions from the EU's old as well as the new member states are opposed to the version of the services directive adopted in the Parliament's Internal market and consumer protection (IMCO) committee on 22 November 2006.

Mixed reactions to vote on Services Directive

The Parliament's Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection has adopted the report on the Directive on Services in the Internal Market, maintaining the disputed country-of-origin principle.

EP vote on Services Directive postponed

The EP's internal market committee has postponed its key vote on the controversial Services Directive in order to simplify the complex list of 1,500 amendments.
Brexit 04-07-2005

Blair calls informal social Europe summit

Tony Blair's first political move since taking the helm of the EU was to call an informal summit in October to debate the future direction of Europe, including its social model.
Future EU 31-05-2005

Commentary – Bolkestein: Now, roll back Brussels!

A day before the referendum in his home country, the outspoken former Dutch EU Commissioner for competition, Frits Bolkestein, offers a cure to the ills of the European construction.
Future EU 07-04-2005

Bolkestein in Paris to ward off critics

The former commissioner whose name is now associated in France with ultra-liberalism was in Paris to quell fears that the draft services directive will lead to social dumping and fuel opposition to the EU Constitution.
Public Affairs 05-04-2005

French liberal group defends Bolkestein directive

In an interview (in French) with EURACTIV, the French Liberal association Liberté Chérie condemns the "deceit campaign" run by French politicians and media across the board on the Bolkestein directive.
Public Affairs 05-04-2005

French liberal group defends Bolkestein directive

In an interview with EURACTIV, liberal association Liberté Chérie has condemned the "deceit campaign" run by French politicians and media across the board on the Bolkestein directive.

‘Bolkestein directive’ to stay, but will be watered down

EU leaders have agreed to introduce far reaching changes to the Bolkestein directive to preserve the European social model. But the changes will be introduced within the normal course of the legislative process, at a later stage.

Commission struggles with services directive

Heavy pressure by France and Germany has made the Commission beat a retreat on the services directive. Commissioner McCreevy has announced a major overhaul of the proposed plans.
Future EU 03-02-2005

France wants full review of services directive

Citing fears of social and fiscal dumping French President Chirac has demanded that the so called Bolkestein directive on services should be given a total overhaul.  
Central Europe 19-10-2004

Bolkestein: EU has reached peak of integration

Outgoing Commissioner Bolkestein believes that further enlargement would spell the demise of the EU as we know it.