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Europe’s education systems ‘stifling creative thinking’

Europe's higher education reforms are making university graduates less creative, Erik Spiekermann, one of 27 ambassadors of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, told EURACTIV in an interview.

Students denounce ‘à la carte’ implementation of Bologna process

European governments are only implementing the higher education reforms that fit their national agenda, according to student unions. They urge implementation of commitments including the social dimension of the Bologna process, to create a European Area of Higher Education by 2010. 
Economy & Jobs 19-04-2007

Interview: ‘Without autonomy universities can’t modernise’

Universities need to be able to manage their own budget, develop their own strategies and decide with whom they wish to collaborate, otherwise they will never change, argues the European University Association (EUA).
Economy & Jobs 28-09-2006

MEPs urge implementation of lifelong-learning plans

Lifelong learning is widely encouraged, but too few adults actually participate. MEPs urge member states to implement national strategies on this issue.

New EU qualifications framework to enhance student and worker mobility

The European Qualifications Framework will increase learners' and workers' mobility by making national academic and professional qualifications more understandable across Europe.
Economy & Jobs 11-05-2006

Commission urges European university reform

A Commission communication has highlighted the need for a rapid modernisation of European universities, which are encouraged to "open up to the business community".
Economy & Jobs 23-06-2005

Report: More EU and ‘Bologna’ countries needed in future Eurostudent projects

The 'Eurostudent 2005' project says other countries need to join the existing eleven participating countries. The project provides internationally comparable indicators of the social and economic situation of higher education students.
Economy & Jobs 24-05-2005

Education ministers want PhD programmes more in tune with job market requirements

European education ministers meeting at the Bergen summit urged universities to ensure that their PhD programmes are in tune with the job market. They also want a report on the core principles of PhD programmes.
Economy & Jobs 18-05-2005

Ensuring high quality universities high up Bergen Summit agenda

A European Register for Quality Assurance Agencies is one proposal set to be agreed by education ministers in Bergen on 19-20 May. The aim is to achieve cross-border recognition of qualifications and skills across the EU.
Economy & Jobs 28-04-2005

Education ministers to discuss quality assurance at universities in May summit

The European Association for Quality Assurance is proposing a European register of quality assurance agencies to ensure better mutual recognition of degrees across Europe.
Economy & Jobs 07-04-2005

Commission pushes role of universities in Lisbon strategy

The Commission will issue a communication on the role of universities in the Lisbon strategy ahead of the Bergen meeting of European education ministers. Of particular note is its call for a creative mix of public and private funding.