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Economy & Jobs 14-06-2021

Portugal investors demand bank bond money back or will boycott European fund

A group of international institutional investors coordinated by the Attestor Capital fund, on the hook for €2 billion in the Banco Espírito Santo case, want the European Commission to settle the case, warning that otherwise, they will not fund the post-pandemic economic recovery.
Elections 03-08-2018

Renewed Italian government tensions fuel bond selloff

Short-dated Italian government bonds sold off on Friday (3 August) for the second straight day on signs of deepening tension within the Italian government that is raising the prospect of new elections.
Economy & Jobs 27-07-2017

Athens hopeful new bond will open access to ECB funds

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday (26 July) claimed that his country's first bond sale in three years would help convince the European Central Bank to provide additional liquidity to its struggling economy.
Euro & Finance 08-06-2016

ECB launches corporate bond buy in attempt to revive inflation

The European Central Bank started buying corporate bonds on Wednesday, picking up utility, insurance and telecom papers, as part of its latest effort to revive rock-bottom inflation by getting companies to borrow and spend.
Euro & Finance 11-01-2016

Greece set for major credit rating upgrade

In the event of a “positive” first review of Greece’s third bailout programme, its struggling economy will be upgraded by rating agencies, a capital market specialist has told EURACTIV.
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Economy & Jobs 05-03-2015

ECB to start bond purchases on March 9

The European Central Bank will start buying government debt in its new quantitative easing programme on March 9, ECB chief Mario Draghi said on Thursday.
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Economy & Jobs 23-01-2015

Doubts loom over Draghi’s ‘political’ bond-buying scheme

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi grabbed the spotlight on Thursday, as he announced Europe's latest hope to revive its weak economy: the so-called quantitative easing, or a bond-buying scheme of 60 billion euros a month.
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Economy & Jobs 22-01-2015

ECB launches bond-buying scheme of €60 billion per month

The European Central Bank announced on Thursday it will buy bonds worth 60 billion euros per month until September 2016, aiming to achieve a "sustained adjustment in the path of inflation"
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Economy & Jobs 21-01-2015

Molly Scott Cato: new money will create economic activity, but won’t solve the crisis

Ahead of an expected announcement by the European Central Bank of a bond-buying programme, on Thursday, Green MEP Molly Scott Cato said that “creating new money is not the solution” to Europe's debt crisis.
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Economy & Jobs 21-01-2015

Markus Ferber: bond-buying scheme is beyond ECB’s mandate

German EPP MEP Markus Ferber showed strong opposition to the European Central Bank's expected decision to launch a bond-buying scheme on Thursday.
Euro & Finance 21-01-2015

Germany frowns as ECB prepares for new bond-buying scheme

With the European Central Bank (ECB) expected to announce a new bond-buying programme on Thursday (22 January), experts in Germany are warning of falling prices and ebbing investment, while the government attempts to distance itself from the upcoming ECB decision. EURACTIV Germany reports.
The European Court of Justice in Brussels [Cédric Puisney]

German Eurosceptics bullish as ECB court case opens

A complaint filed against the European Central Bank over its unlimited bond-buying programme known as OMT was up for debate in the European Court of Justice on Tuesday (14 October), with German Eurosceptic complainants issuing harsh criticism of the ECB's strategy to combat the debt crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Economy & Jobs 06-09-2012

ECB’s Draghi presents eurozone rescue plan

This is the man who claimed he can save the euro. After weeks of uncertainty, European Central Bank's chief Mario Draghi on Thursday unveiled a much-awaited bond-buying plan. The scheme includes buying 'unlimited' amounts of short-term government debt from troubled countries and it is designed to lower the borrowing costs of Italy and Spain. Draghi also said the scheme was a "fully effective backstop" and that the euro was "irreversible".
Euro & Finance 06-09-2012

Draghi to propose ‘unlimited’ bond buying plan

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi faces the most decisive moment of his presidency today (6 September) when he tries to heal divisions among policymakers and deliver on his promise to save the euro. A leaked draft reveals that the plan includes buying 'unlimited' quantities of government debt from troubled countries.
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Economy & Jobs 04-09-2012

MEPs disclose Draghi’s bond-buying plan

Despite strong German opposition, the ECB could buy government bonds maturing in three years or less. This is what European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi suggested to a closed hearing at the European Parliament on Monday, according to MEPs present. "I understood the exchange in such a way that in the future there will be again interventions by the ECB." ALSO "I would see this in such a way that there could be tensions in the ECB Board, that's why he did not wanted to comment in public.", said Sven GIEGOLD (Greens/ALE, DE).
Euro & Finance 15-06-2012

Hollande meets Monti in move to counter Merkel

French President François Hollande met yesterday (14 June) with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, making it clear he was building alliances with leaders in Rome and Madrid who back his challenge to German-imposed austerity.
Euro & Finance 11-04-2012

Spain denies bailout talks

Spain's economy minister and European Union officials denied yesterday (10 April) that the country needed an international bailout, following Greece, Ireland and Portugal.
Euro & Finance 20-02-2012

Eurozone ministers to approve second Greek package

Eurozone finance ministers are expected to approve a second bailout for Greece today (20 February), a move they hope will draw a line under months of turmoil that has shaken the currency bloc, although there is work to be done to make the figures add up.
Euro & Finance 06-12-2011

Monti warns of Greek-style risk to Italy

Italy risked a Greek-style economic collapse which could threaten the future of the euro without the austerity package approved by the government, Prime Minister Mario Monti said yesterday (5 December), calling on European partners to do their part.
Euro & Finance 24-11-2011

‘Disastrous’ bond sale shakes confidence in Germany

A "disastrous" German bond sale yesterday (23 November) sparked fears that Europe's debt crisis was starting to threaten even Berlin, with the leaders of the euro zone's two biggest economies still at odds over a longer-term structural solution.
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Euro & Finance 26-09-2011

Merkel: We’re buying time for other countries

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday said that she can not rule out letting a eurozone country default on its debts. Merkel said that this is a possibility to consider once the Eurozone has a permanent rescue fund in place. In a one-hour interview with ARD television, Merkel said a permanent rescue fund is necessary to prevent crisis in countries such as Greece from spilling over to other countries that use the euro as their currency.
Euro & Finance 22-09-2011

EU short-selling talks collapse amid sovereign debt fears

Negotiations to regulate short-selling in Europe collapsed for the second time this week over fears that legislation would further destabilise the sovereign debt markets in the eurozone.
Euro & Finance 31-08-2011

Berlusconi backtracks on wealth tax, sparks criticism

Italy's decision to drop a proposed tax on the wealthy from its emergency austerity package announced earlier this month has triggered a wave of criticism, while the country's first debt auction since the European Central Bank stepped in to buy Italian bonds was met with lukewarm demand.
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Euro & Finance 29-08-2011

Trichet eases euro liquidity worries

The European Parliament on Monday expressed broad support and full confidence in the way that the European Central Bank is handling what he says it the worst financial crisis since the second World War. Addressing a packed committee-room in Brussels, ECB chief Jean-Claude Trichet reiterated his view on the need for even more stringent budget reforms in the countries that have adopted the euro.