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Global Europe 18-10-2018

Northern Africa: Europe’s new border guard?

As another EU summit gets underway, Leïla Bodeux and Davide Gnes wonder what values Europeans are willing to give up in order to stop migration.  

If we fail to reform the Dublin Regulation, everybody loses – especially children

If European leaders won't agree on a working intra-European solidarity mechanism, Europe's free movement zone will be at risk and many more children will lose their lives trying to reach safety and shelter in Europe, writes Karen Mets.
Future EU 05-02-2016

Hands off Schengen!

Georges Dassis urges European citizens not to surrender the benefits of Schengen.

Schengen is dead? Long live Schengen!

Schengen needs to be safeguarded in the face of international crises, write Jacques Delors, António Vitorino, Yves Bertoncini and the participants of the Jacques Delors Institute 2015 European steering committee.
Economy & Jobs 28-08-2015

Putting up barriers will not solve the migrant crisis

Abolishing free movement within the Schengen area would exacerbate the migration crisis and leave us more exposed to terrorist threats, argues Assya Kavrakova.

Charlie Hebdo: There is grief, but will there be a debate?

Today, it is necessary to bravely ask the question about how to increase security in Europe, even if certain issues look controversial, writes Micha? Boni.
Security 21-11-2011

A farewell to open borders? Lessons from Denmark

Taking lessons from Denmark’s temporary re-imposition of border checks, the EU would do well to intensify its efforts to streamline border practices towards a more coherent EU-wide approach, argues Peter Hobbing of the Centre for European Policy Studies.