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Future EU 09-02-2018

Trans-Europe Express: Mistrust is gaining ground in Europe

The wind of enthusiasm blown by the victory of President Emmanuel Macron last June has vanished. In a historic vote on Wednesday, the European Parliament rejected the innovative idea of transnational lists.
Enlargement 12-10-2017

During Albania visit, Kosovo President defies EU

The President of Kosovo is defying the EU by hinting Kosovars will get Albanian passports to be able to travel visa-free to the EU.
Enlargement 08-09-2017

Two ways to settle the border issue between Slovenia and Croatia

The international arbitration court decision is balanced and reasonable and Slovenians and Croats should be able to live with it, writes Žiga Turk.
Enlargement 05-09-2017

Slovenia says it would be ‘very funny’ if Croatia joined Schengen

Slovenia on Monday (4 September) warned fellow EU member Croatia that failure to implement the Piran ruling will amount to a breach of the EU's rule of law.

Slovenia may seek EU help with Croatian border dispute

Slovenia said on Wednesday (12 July) it may turn to the European Commission for help in implementing a recent international ruling on its border with fellow EU member Croatia.

Croatia tells Commission to stay away from border dispute with Slovenia

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković took a defiant stance against the European Commission on Wednesday (5 July), telling Brussels to refrain from meddling in Zagreb's border dispute with Slovenia because "it has no competencies for border issues".

EU urges Croatia to ‘implement’ Piran Bay ruling

The European Commission on Tuesday (4 July) asked Slovenia and Croatia to "implement" a ruling that gave Ljubljana key access to international waters off the Croatian coast, a decision rejected by Zagreb.
Global Europe 18-02-2016

Tensions in South China Sea require more active role from Europe

Member states should use their influence in the South China Sea to ensure territorial disputes between China and its neighbours do not spill over into regional or global conflicts, writes Charles Tannock.
Trade & Society 17-09-2013

Russia backs down from costly customs dispute, for now

SPECIAL REPORT/ A letter to the head of Russian customs from the EU's top tax official, Algirdas Šemeta, has put a last ditch and temporary stop to a costly dispute that had seen European cargo emptied at the border, the EU commissioner told EURACTIV.

Croatia signals move to end extradition row with EU

Croatia will move fast to amend its extradition law to avoid possible European sanctions, public radio reported on 13 September, weeks after a legislative change to protect veterans of its 1991-95 war from prosecution abroad.
Enlargement 11-03-2013

Van Rompuy hails ‘maturity’ of Croatia-Slovenia relation

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said today (11 March) that the constructive approach to solve the Ljubljanska Banka issue between Slovenia and  Croatia was a “sign of maturity” and an example for the whole Western Balkan region. 
Enlargement 05-01-2012

Slovenia, Croatia to agree on border dispute arbiters

Foreign ministers of Slovenia and Croatia are to meet on 10 January in Brussels to agree on the membership of an arbitration tribunal to solve a long-standing border dispute between the former Yugoslav republics, the EU executive confirmed yesterday (4 January).