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Brexit 03-09-2019

French customs struggles to cope with no-deal Brexit planning

On 26 August, the French Council of Ministers sacked Rodolphe Gintz after two years as customs chief. Meanwhile, the French customs office is facing up to the difficulties of preparing for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, EURACTIV France reports.
EU-Africa 01-08-2018

EU will spend more on border and migration control than on Africa

The European Commission’s proposal to bolster Europe's borders would mean that for the first time the EU will spend more on migration control than on developing Africa, as the determination to ‘fortify’ the Continent prevails among national governments and institutions.

Mogherini: ‘Illegal migration is a new form of slavery’

During a debate at the European Parliament on Tuesday (12 September), EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that illegal immigration managed by mafias is "a new form of slavery". EURACTIV Spain reports.
Global Europe 16-08-2017

Melilla: Spanish enclave in Morocco offers an exit route to Europe

Recent uprisings in the Moroccan region of Rif have transformed the city of Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, into an exit route for persecuted people seeking refugee status in the EU. EURACTIV Spain reports.

Greece sceptical, but won’t veto Commission’s border force plan

The Greek government disagrees with two crucial “points” of the European Commission’s plan for a new border force to be discussed at the two day summit starting on Thursday (17 December), but opposing a veto has been ruled out. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Frontex guards

Brussels unveils controversial plan for EU border force

The European Commission unveiled plans Tuesday (15 December) for a new border and coastguard force that can intervene even without the host country's consent, saying it had to restore security threatened by the migration crisis.
Security 23-03-2006

EU withdraws proposal for biometric chips in visas

The technological problems associated with introducing biometric chips into visas have proved insurmountable, forcing the Commission to drop the proposal altogether. 
Sports 27-05-2004

Portugal tightens up border checks for Euro 2004

In line with the new EU code on border checks on people, Portugal has reimposed border controls with other 'Schengen countries' to tighten up security in time for the Euro 2004 football championships.
Security 06-05-2004

Border controls between EU-15 and new Members to be kept until end 2006

EU citizens need identity cards, but no longer passports, to travel between the ten new Member States and the EU-15. Abolition of border controls will however not take place before end 2006.
Security 15-03-2004

No more residence cards for EU citizens from 2006

From 2006 onwards EU citizens will no longer have to apply for a residence permit to live and work in another EU country thanks to a new EU directive.
Security 28-11-2003

Council steps up measures on the control of borders

On 27 November, EU Justice and Home Affairs ministers welcomed the proposal on the setting up of a Border Management Agency and adopted a programme on the control of the EU's maritime borders.
Security 20-11-2003

Will the EU Border Management Agency lead to a European Border Police?

During a conference held on 18 November, policy-makers discussed options for a more efficient border management.
Politics 12-11-2003

Border Management Agency to be involved in return operations of illegal immigrants

On 11 November, the Commission put forward a proposal on the establishment of a Border Management Agency which should be operational in 2005.
Security 11-11-2003

Commission proposes a Border Management Agency to improve border controls

On 11 November, the Commission will present a proposal on the a Border Management Agency with a view to getting the agency up and running as quickly as possible.