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Brexit 04-10-2016

Stephen Clarke: ‘Brexit validated British society’s deep-seated prejudices’

100 days after the Brexit referendum, British writer Stephen Clarke spoke to EURACTIV France about the campaign’s lies, the British press and France’s “opportunistic” political class.
Brexit 21-06-2016

Tannock: Mozambican migrants can vote in the UK referendum, but my Slovak wife can’t

The UK referendum on Europe is heavily stacked in favour of the Brexiteers, MEP Charles Tannock told EURACTIV Slovakia in an exclusive interview.
Stanley Johnson being interviewed on BBC News 22 Feb 16
Brexit 13-06-2016

Stanley Johnson: There is no majority in UK parliament to deliver Brexit

Stanley Johnson, father of Brexiteer-in-chief Boris, has said that there is no majority in the UK parliament to deliver Brexit after a Leave vote in the referendum.
Brexit 20-11-2015

MacShane: The people will want to give Europe a kicking in the referendum

Denis MacShane was the UK's Minister for Europe under Tony Blair, and one of the most pro-European politicians of his generation - yet even he fears Britain is heading for a 'Brexit'.
Brexit 03-09-2009

Johnson: I don’t want to see Europe make ‘unforced errors’

The draft AIFM directive will divert investment away from Europe, Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, told EURACTIV in an interview.