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  • Post-Brexit EU must fight the descent into populism

    Brexit 28-06-2016

    The forces that led to Brexit are not unique to the UK. Europeans must react against populism, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and "post-truth" politics before the EU's values become a thing of the past, writes James Sibley.

  • Why Brexit will not happen

    Brexit 27-06-2016

    MEP Sorin Moisa argues that the "Big Lie" promoted by the Leave campaign will be exposed before Britain can actually leave the EU, and that a second referendum will reject Brexit.

  • Handling our structural problems a prerequisite for openness

    Euro & Finance 06-04-2016

    The Five President’s Report does not provide enough answers on how to push through vital reforms and does not focus on how to solve the monetary union’s main problems, writes Paul Lindquist.

  • Boris, Brexit and better trucks

    Trade & Society 03-03-2016

    London Mayor Boris Johnson wants the UK to take back control of truck design to improve road safety, but the UK will gain nothing by leaving the EU, writes Jos Dings.

  • ‘No enthusiasm please, we’re British’

    Brexit 24-02-2016

    David Cameron’s unenthusiastic, eurosceptical campaign to remain in the EU risks provoking voter apathy and dooming the UK to more years of disengagement with European affairs even if Brexit does not become a reality, writes Denis MacShane.