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Global Europe 10-07-2019

Erdogan visits Bosnia as part of bigger game

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) this week. The primary aim was to attend a summit, but analysts said it was also an effort to boost his hunt for members of the Gülen movement and reinforce his influence on Bosnian domestic politics.
Energy 27-03-2019

Western Balkans pump subsidies worth €1.2 billion into coal

Western Balkan countries, which have set their sights on EU membership, are still propping up coal power with large public subsidies worth more than €1.2 billion, a new report revealed on Monday (25 March). The subsidies are not in line with EU regulations or decarbonisation efforts.

Croatian ombudswoman to report police treatment of migrants to EU institutions

Croatia's ombudswoman requested access to records on the treatment of migrants at the police station in Donji Lapac, central Croatia, in September but was refused. The relevant parliamentary committee does not seem to care either. EURACTIV Croatia reports.
Enlargement 17-05-2018

Western Balkans remain in standby mode

EU members want to take their time with a new round of enlargement - something that the Western Balkans summit this Thursday (17 May) in Sofia is unlikely to change. EURACTIV Germany’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Enlargement 08-12-2017

Kosovo adds dissonance to Balkan cacophony

The visit to Belgrade by the three members of Bosnia-Herzegovina's presidency was expected to warm up relations between the two countries, which had soured after the Bosniak presidency member said his country should recognise Kosovo, Serbia's former province.
Global Europe 18-04-2017

EU’s Turkish voters backed Erdogan’s reforms

The European Union’s Turkish diaspora voted overwhelmingly in favour of granting Turkey’s president more power in Sunday’s (16 April) constitutional referendum.
Enlargement 15-02-2016

Mogherini says Bosnia’s EU application is ‘good news’

Bosnia and Herzegovina today (15 February) formally submitted an application to join the EU, hoping to catch up with its Balkan neighbours after years lost following the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia.

Srebrenica families ask pan-Europe court to try Dutch commanders

The families of three Bosnian Muslims who were killed after leaving UN protection in 1995 have asked the European Court of Human Rights to prosecute three ex-UN commanders for their deaths, their lawyer said Sunday (25 October).
Enlargement 15-07-2015

Tensions high between Bosnia and Serbia on massacre anniversary

Commemorations of the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre have stirred old ghosts in the Balkans, and shown that reconciliation is still a delicate process. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Digital 30-09-2014

Governments lower roaming charges in Western Balkans

Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia signed an agreement in Budva on 29 September, reducing roaming prices based on the EU model. BETA/EURACTIV Serbia reports.

Planned Balkan coal plants may breach EU pollution limits

A new wave of coal plants in aspirant EU member states, authorised by the Energy Community, risk breaching EU pollution limits if they proceed according to their stated plans, an EU law firm says.
Sports 19-07-2010

Tripartite Bosnian representation exasperates FIFA and UEFA

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) could be excluded from playing international football. In football as in politics, the country is represented by its three ethnic entities, but international football bodies FIFA and UEFA have warned that the relationship is unmanageable.
Enlargement 15-03-2010

Bosnia stalemate turning into ‘frozen conflict’

The political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is "extremely worrisome" and now appears to be turning into a "dormant frozen conflict," Hido Biš?evi?, secretary-general of the Regional Cooperation Council for South Eastern Europe (RCC), told EURACTIV in an interview.
Enlargement 18-06-2008

EU moves on with Balkan countries despite treaty setback

The EU yesterday (17 June) opened two new pre-EU accession negotiation chapters with Croatia and Turkey, just one day after the Union's foreign ministers signed an important pre-accession agreement with Bosnia, attenuating fears that the Irish referendum could have a negative impact on the bloc's enlargement process.
Enlargement 26-05-2008

EU starts visa talks with Bosnia

The Commission today (26 May) officially launched talks with Bosnia over a visa-free regime, while 16 June was identified as the official day for the eventual signature of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), seen as a key step towards EU membership.
Enlargement 17-04-2008

Vote for police reform brings Bosnia closer to EU

With a vote in the Bosnian parliament yesterday (16 April) to reform the country's police forces, the Balkan state cleared the final hurdle towards signing a pre-membership deal with the EU.
Enlargement 06-03-2008

EU reaffirms Western Balkan membership perspective

The Commission presented new measures on 5 March to accelerate EU pre-accession preparations with all the Western Balkan countries, including visa liberalisation, negotiations on a 'Transport Community' and better funding for education exchange.
Enlargement 29-02-2008

Bosnia-Herzegovina makes progress on EU membership

Bosnia-Herzegovina should be ready to sign pre-membership and trade deals with the EU by April, Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn told journalists after meeting with leaders of the Balkan country in Brussels.
Security 22-11-2005

UNSC extends EUFOR’s mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The UN Security Council has approved a 12-month renewal of the European stabilisation force's mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Security 02-12-2004

NATO hands over Bosnia peacekeeping duties to EU force

The deployment of some 7,000 EUFOR troops across Bosnia Herzegovina on 2 December marks the launch of the EU's largest-ever peacekeeping operation.
Central Europe 19-09-2003

Bosnia-Herzegovina seeks EU membership in 2009

The political parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina unanimously support the country's bid for full membership in the EU by 2009, according to Prime Minister Adnan Terzic.
Enlargement 15-05-2001

EU calls for dialogue on Yugoslav federation

EU foreign ministers urge Serbia and Montenegro to resume dialogue on Yugoslav federation
Central Europe 05-03-2001

New crisis blocks Balkans’ integration into Europe

EU facing fresh crisis in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia
Central Europe 20-12-2000

Successors of former Yugoslavia discuss assets and debts

Five successor states of the former Yugoslavia agree to resume talks on sharing the assets and debts.