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Enlargement 03-05-2018

Defeating extremism in the Balkans

As a region deeply connected to the EU, the Western Balkans should no longer be forgotten. With Austria’s upcoming presidency of the EU, it is high time to reboot the region’s economic development and its integration into the Union, as well as recognise its progress in countering terrorism, writes Peter R. Neumann.
Elections 25-02-2016

What’s in a name?: Macedonia’s problems go much deeper

Deadlines continue to come and go with wearisome rapidity in the ongoing political crisis between the two majority ethnic political parties of Macedonia, writes Richard Howitt MEP.
Enlargement 31-07-2008

Making Bosnia and Herzegovina’s transformation irreversible

Despite the success of recent reforms and a burgeoning economy, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) has yet to overcome a number of hurdles on its path to EU accession, argues Lidija Topic in a June 2008 policy brief for the European Policy Centre.
Enlargement 09-09-2005

Bosnia’s stalled police reform: no progress, no EU

The international strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina risks derailment. It consists entirely of preparing the country for eventual European Union (EU) membership in the hope that integration processes will overcome ethno-political divides and their intertwined economic and criminal interests. However, the police reform needed to begin negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU appears hopelessly blocked, says the International Crisis Group in its latest Europe Report.
Enlargement 06-04-2001

The Third Balkan War

The contours of a third Balkan war are emerging. In the western part of hitherto peaceful Macedonia, Albanian radicals-an oddball ragtag army of disgruntled KLA rejects and wild students-has pushed into Tetovo in a bid to force the Macedonian government...