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Economy & Jobs 17-06-2022

Ukraine reconstruction key to avoid brain-drain, academics warn

Universities across the EU are supporting Ukrainian students through mobility partnerships. Meanwhile, academics warn that reconstruction efforts will be key to avoid the risk of brain-drain and rebuild a country able to attract talents.
Cybersecurity 06-05-2022

Bulgarian professor achieves dream of creating world-class tech powerhouse

In April, Bulgaria became home to INSAIT, a new Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology that aims to develop a world-class research centre, keep talent in Bulgaria, and attract outstanding international scientists by offering globally competitive research facilities and compensation.
Health 01-03-2022

Could EU’s cohesion policy be the health hero we always needed?

New own-initiative report suggests that we should make better use of cohesion policy to reduce health inequalities.
Enlargement 13-12-2021

Balkan brain drain could be costing the region its future

'Brain drain' has become a sad refrain in the Western Balkans, where many youngsters harbour dreams of living and working abroad. But is brain drain real, and what impact is it having?
Central Asia 06-05-2021

Kazakhstan invests in human capital to avoid brain drain

Kazakhstan continues to rejuvenate its public administration in a drive to keep talented youth at home and achieve two major goals: modernising the Central Asian country and avoiding brain drain.
Eastern Europe 12-07-2019

Germany tells the East: Speed up reform or you will lose your population

Germany’s minister of state for Europe delivered a blunt message to a gathering of the Eastern Partnership, organised in the Georgian Black Sea city of Batumi on Thursday (11 July): unless reforms in Eastern Europe speed up, its young people will leave to find a better life in Western Europe.
Economy & Jobs 18-04-2019

Germany’s new workers are cause for Bosnia’s shrinking population

When a Bosnian politician announces the creation of 100,000 new jobs, we joke in Bosnia that half of these will be abroad. With Germany’s new regulation on the immigration of skilled workers, an increased number of people could reach Germany- this will have consequences for Bosnia. EURACTIV Germany reports.
EU Elections 2019 23-10-2018

Economic growth, migration and EU elections – a strange mix for Romanian voters

Romania’s government boasts about its economic growth rate, but Romanians are leaving the country in large numbers. Can the EU elections in 2019 change the trend or will the migration pace intensify?
Central Asia 29-05-2018

Minister: Developing digital economy is matter of national security for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is developing its digital technologies in many fields, such as the economy, agriculture or administration, and the Central Asian country also wants to become a pioneer in digital innovation, with the creation of technology hubs and parks.
Global Europe 16-01-2017

Cuba praises immigration policy, four years after reform

Over half a million Cubans have travelled abroad, 78% of them for the first time, since immigration reforms were passed in 2013. EURACTIV Spain reports.
German Development Minister Gerd Müller hopes to encourage better working conditions and wages for textile workers in developing countries. [ILO/Aaron Santos]
Global Europe 07-06-2016

EU plans migrant work permit relaunch, funding for Africa

The European Union will present proposals on Tuesday to relaunch a little-used work permit scheme, similar to the US Green Card, as part of efforts to curb irregular migration to the 28-nation bloc, officials said yesterday (6 June).
Development Policy 20-02-2015

Uganda crippled by medical brain drain

At the paediatric and childcare department of Uganda’s Mulago national referral hospital, a memo advertises vacancies for nurses in a private clinic. Two points are highlighted: attractive salary and accommodation.
Health 06-07-2009

Doctors favour greater EU mobility

Post-graduate medical qualifications should be recognised across the European Union in order to remove barriers to the mobility of doctors, Lisette Tiddens, secretary-general of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), told EURACTIV in an interview.

African scientists slam developed nations over ‘brain drain’

Universities in Africa have been "hollowed out" by the steady stream of scientists moving to developed countries, according to the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC).
Economy & Jobs 19-10-2006

Study: More international students opt for EU

An American Council on Education study shows that international students are turning to destinations such as the UK, Germany, France or Japan, rather than the United States.

EU innovation goals ‘doomed’

The European Union has no hope of achieving its goal of becoming the most competitive economy in the world by 2010, according to the London School of Economics (LSE).

Czechs seek replacements for drained brains

Highly skilled Czechs are tempted by job opportunities in the 'old' EU countries. Not being able to fulfill the local demand for specialists can undermine the country's potential for economic growth, a study warns.

Innovation strategy to fight Europe’s ‘brain drain’

The Commission has come up with another proposal to foster innovation, but, as usual, the responsibility for its implementation lies with Member States.

Researchers’ charter proves successful

The Commission's initiative to improve the working environment of European researchers is being endorsed by an increasing number of research organisations.

Council adopts measures to attract foreign researchers to EU

In a bid to attract the world's best brains to Europe, the Council has adopted a package of measures helping researchers from non-EU countries enter to and work in the EU.

EP: Doubling the EU research budget “a strict minimum”

A European Parliament report on the future of European research says that the member states should regard the doubling of the funding for Community R&D "as a minimum not be questioned during the negotiations on the financial perspectives". 
Security 11-06-2004

Member States back fast-track work permits for non-EU researchers

The EU wants to make it easier for researchers from third countries to work in Europe as part of its efforts to boost European research and attract more scientists.

US falling behind in terms of scientific excellence, EU catching up

American hegemony is threatened by a decline in foreign researchers and decreasing R&D spending, as the EU and Asia are catching up in the pursuit of excellence.
Enlargement 03-05-2004

Labour movement restrictions will counter Polish brain drain

The President of the Polish Employers' Federation Henryka Bochniarz is not unhappy about restrictions on free movement of labour towards the new Member States. They will counter a "disastrous" brain drain.