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Public-private partnerships point way forward for brain research

SPECIAL REPORT / Pharmaceutical companies hesitate before investing in brain research, as it is seen as an overly complex area, but a European Commission initiative is a step in the right direction, according to the European Brain Council (EBC).
Health 21-02-2014

Neurologist: ‘The brain is running all other illnesses and must be preserved with special care’

SPECIAL REPORT / More research on the brain could help tackle diseases of all sorts but there shouldn't be a funding race between brain conditions and other diseases, says Mary Baker.  

Data shows treatment inequalities for EU’s multiple sclerosis patients

SPECIAL REPORT / Access to treatment and services varies remarkably for EU citizens diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, depending on which country they live in, according to a survey by the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP).
Health 19-02-2014

MS expert: Lawmakers must put disability higher on the agenda

SPECIAL REPORT / Every single person in the EU will have a friend, a relative, a neighbour, an employer or employee who will be affected by a disability at some point in their lifetime. Therefore, EU politicians need to put disability higher on the agenda, says Emma Rogan.
In many ways, the economic crisis has shifted the gender balance in the labour market [Shutterstock]

Small workplace changes help people with multiple sclerosis keep their job

SPECIAL REPORT / While many people who suffer from multiple sclerosis are highly skilled, 50-60% can expect to be unemployed after receiving their diagnosis despite the fact that only little adaptation in the workplace is needed to keep them employed, experts say.
Health 17-02-2014

Researchers look to improve understanding of complex brain

SPECIAL REPORT / Understanding the human brain could provide the foundation to explore new ways to treat and eventually prevent diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, according to the European Brain Council (EBC).
Health 14-05-2013

EU calls for more research into ‘complex brain’

As society ages, brain-related disorders are expected to affect at least one in three persons during their lifetime, costing some €800 billion in Europe every year. The EU has declared May 2013 European Month of the Brain to highlight the need for more research in this field.

European brain science convention consults citizens

In the framework of a Europe-wide public consultation on brain science, a 'citizens' convention' is a prime opportunity for the general public to discuss cutting-edge science.
Health 13-04-2005

Study: Mobile phones do not cause brain damage

The results of a study carried out in Denmark show no link between the use of mobile phones and brain tumours.
Health 19-09-2003

EU calls for the creation of a European Brain Research Area

Brain specialists gathered in Brussels on 18 September to discuss how funding for European brain research could be better co-ordinated.