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Development Policy 30-05-2016

Fair trade advocate: ‘Fair Trade Town label brings a lot of marketing’

The fair trade of local goods can benefit local areas economically and socially. Now, as the Summer Olympiad arrives in town and the world watches, Rio de Janeiro seeks to be the next “Fair Trade Town”. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 20-04-2016

Moisés Naím: ‘More Europe’ needed to strengthen EU

"Europe has been losing its clout and its voice has diminished,” Moisés Naím told EURACTIV Spain in an interview, as well as highlighting his desire for “more Europe” so that “the predominant voices are not those of autocracies and dictatorships like Russia or China”.
Global Europe 24-07-2014

Analyst: Agriculture remains an obstacle to EU-Mercosur pact

A Free trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur, the South American regional organisation is under preparation, but agricultural issues still remain as one of the major obstacles, Kinga Brudzi?ska told EURACTIV Poland in an exclusive interview.
Trade & Society 21-06-2013

Investment chief: Brazil is making the right reforms to attract European business

Opening up public procurement, a new concessions programme and reducing energy prices are all reforms implemented by Brasilia to attract EU and US companies. The new measures are likely to strengthen the EU-Brazil investment relationship, paving the way for stronger ties between the two trading partners, says Alexandre Petry, director at the Brazilian trade and investment promotion agency.
Public Affairs 18-06-2009

Consultant: EU ‘increasingly relevant’ for Brazilian business

Europe's importance for Brazilian companies is growing, not only as a market for its goods but also as a region from which new investment can be attracted, corporate communications consultant Ciro Dias Reis told EURACTIV in an interview.