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Health 23-01-2017

Breast implant victims win payout from German safety body

A French court on Friday ordered German safety certifier TUV to pay €60 million in compensation to 20,000 women who received defective breast implants that the group had approved.

EU seeks group lawsuit rules amid ‘litigation culture’ fears

The European Commission today (11 June) laid out its plans for EU-wide measures for group lawsuits amid business fears that they could spark a US-style litigation culture.
Health 17-04-2013

Victims of breast implants seek compensation in France

Criminal fraud proceedings began today (17 April) in France over a breast implants scandal that affected 400,000 women globally. The case highlights the continuing absence of a European collective judicial redress tool for victims, says a European consumer organisation.
Health 06-01-2012

EU evaluates danger, number of faulty breast implants

A caucus of member states has asked the Commission to investigate how many women have received potentially dangerous breast implants from a French company and possible risks posed by the devices.