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Brexit 08-11-2018

Come back, Mother Britannia! 

Seeing Brexit crumble towards a single market fudge with no UK say, daughter Europa pleads to re-unite her mother - with her father Franz-Emmanuel, not the ideal home-maker.
Brexit 20-11-2015

Will Cameron get what he wants and will it matter if he does?

David Cameron's list of demands to ensure that the UK government supports Britain remaining in the EU is one that EU leaders will have little difficulty in accepting, write Mark Dawson and Mike Baab.
Andrew Duff
Brexit 19-11-2015

Making the Brexit deal ‘formal, legally-binding and irreversible’

If the heads of government want to placate Cameron, they can promise to change the treaty in the future, but such a promise will be neither legally-binding nor irreversible, writes Andrew Duff.
Global Europe 04-09-2013

Syria’s military intervention: A comedy in three acts

US President Barack Obama was forced to walk a tightrope over Syria after he was drawn into calling for a military intervention after France, Britain and Turkey called for action. Now he has to deal with being a reluctant coalition leader, writes George Friedman.
Brexit 28-08-2013

Why the Dutch version of the balance of competence review will not please the Brits

In order to show off their new eurosceptic credentials, the Dutch government announced a major "subsidiarity review" of Dutch EU policy – begging comparisons with the UK’s home-grown "competence review". But British Tories will find little comfort in reading the review, writes Andrew Duff.
Brexit 06-05-2013

Britain and the EU: An ever-closer union?

The question of Britain in Europe has been a running sore in British public life for too long, and as such has proved a constant irritant on both sides of the Channel. It needs to be settled, writes Malcolm Rifkind.
Brexit 04-05-2013

Scotland, Britain, the pound and the euro

With the rest of the United Kingdom's GDP ten times that of Scotland, the country's only route would be to join the euro if it wishes to be truly independent, writes Graham Bishop.
Brexit 01-03-2013

What does EU membership mean for the UK?

This is a defining moment for Europe, according to the UK’s Europe Minister, David Lidington. The UK’s Balance of Competences Review is not designed as a prelude to cherry-picking the Treaties, or to British exit from the EU, he argues, and asks for European input in the process.
Future EU 30-01-2013

Cameron’s principles and the future of Europe

Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron have both referred to their adherence to democratic values. In democracies, governments are bound by rules and are answerable to parliaments. But even in the oldest and most experienced democracies, this model does not always work well, writes Phedon Nicolaides.
Brexit 29-01-2013

The positive side of David Cameron’s lonely cruise

It remains to be seen whether David Cameron's speech has answered questions about the long-term British strategy for the European Union, writes Jacek Saryusz-Wolski.
Brexit 24-01-2013

Cameron speech: Still protesting Britain’s European innocence

Ideally, Britain wants a European-wide free trade area without the supranational institutional apparatus, something it proposed during the 1950s. Yet, unless the euro implodes, that's not the future of the EU, say Dr Michael J. Geary and Kevin A. Lees.
Brexit 24-01-2013

Cameron’s gamble

David Cameron’s promise of an in/out referendum leaves europhiles in Britain with a choice of two unattractive alternatives: a detached ‘outer lane’ vision of Britain’s place in Europe, or leaving the EU altogether, writes Mark Dawson.
Brexit 19-12-2012

Britain and EU: The worst is yet to come, so let’s be smart

Britain appears increasingly disinterested in Europe, mostly because it does not want to take part in the solution to the eurozone crisis. European leaders appear less willing to factor in Britain’s interests, especially within the Council, argues Vivien Pertusot.
EU and British flags [Shutterstock]
Brexit 07-11-2012

UK and Europe: For better, not for worse

The UK grows increasingly euro-sceptic, vetoing the Banking Union, threatening the EU's long-term budget and promising a referendum on membership. However, a EURACTIV ranking of the "40 most influential Britons on current EU policy-making" underlines British influence on European issues. Complementing a federal eurozone, Britain may opt for a 'focused membership’ centred on a better regulated single market, write Christophe Leclercq and Sharon Leclercq-Spooner.
Brexit 17-08-2012

Britain, Europe and referendums

Europe is the key to the future of the coalition government in Britain. Unless the current tendency to pander to the eurosceptic right is abandoned, the Liberal Democrats will be inevitably driven into a future coalition with a Labour Party that has declined to commit political suicide by heading too far to the left, writes Tom Spencer.
Global Europe 21-04-2011

The American world turned upside down

Despite Anglo-French activism in Libya, the European Union's divisions on interventionism mean that the bloc is no substitute for the United States' continued engagement with the world, argues author and expert on international relations Dominique Moïsi.
Brexit 25-05-2010

The Consequences of Coalition

In this exclusive commentary, Sir Stephen Wall, formerly the United Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the European Union, explains why the new coalition government in the UK faces a changing relationship with the EU.
Brexit 17-05-2010

How the UK’s new Tory-led government sees its EU policy

Although the British Conservative Party is openly critical of some aspects of the European Union, it has nevertheless made Europe free, stable and prosperous and its member states must now focus on issues such as climate change, poverty and energy security, writes William Hague, the UK's new foreign secretary, in a commentary for Europe's World.
Brexit 17-09-2007

Britain’s policy on Europe

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's view of the EU is "utilitarian" and "similar to that of Margaret Thatcher" in that he supports it as far as it helps Britain, according to Sir Stephen Wall, the former UK Permanent Representative to the EU and former EU Adviser to the Prime Minister.
Brexit 09-07-2007

European choices for Gordon Brown

UK Prime Minster Gordon Brown should work to dispel the 'demonic myths' that have 'poisoned' Britain’s relationship with the EU, a new Centre for European Reform (CER) booklet claims.
Brexit 04-02-2004

Leading from behind: Britain and the European Constitutional Treaty

This study provides us with a critical analysis of the UK position and strategy during the Convention and up until the failure of the IGC meeting in Brussels in December 2003.
Brexit 12-11-2002

A British Constitution for Europe!

A British Constitution for Europe! Stanley Crossick argues that if the proposed British draft Constitution were in place in 1973, there would be no single market. The first country to post a draft Constitution on the Convention’s web-site is, paradoxically,...
Brexit 04-11-2002

Understanding the British

Understanding the British In the light of the long and at times difficult history relations between the United Kingdom and the project for closer European Union, Max Kohnstamm gives his critical reaction to recent policy initiatives in the Convention on...