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  • Britain ‘sleepwalking to EU exit’, warns Labour

    News | Brexit 19-11-2012

    Opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband vowed on Monday (19 November) he would not let Britain sleepwalk towards exit from the European Union as Prime Minister David Cameron prepared for tough talks in Brussels this week on a renewal of the bloc's budget.

  • UK and Europe: For better, not for worse

    Opinion | Brexit 07-11-2012

    The UK grows increasingly euro-sceptic, vetoing the Banking Union, threatening the EU's long-term budget and promising a referendum on membership. However, a EURACTIV ranking of the "40 most influential Britons on current EU policy-making" underlines British influence on European issues. Complementing a federal eurozone, Britain may opt for a 'focused membership’ centred on a better regulated single market, write Christophe Leclercq and Sharon Leclercq-Spooner.

  • Prodi: EU isolationism heralds ‘grave difficulties’ for Britain

    News | Brexit 24-10-2012

    In a wide-ranging interview with EURACTIV.de, Romano Prodi, former European Commission President, says moves towards a two-speed European Union were now well underway. Regarding the UK's disengagement from Europe, his assessment is simple: Britain will lose influence and eventually face "grave difficulties".

  • Prodi: ‘Britain will become less powerful and face grave difficulties’

    Interview | Brexit 24-10-2012

    Romano Prodi, former president of the European Commission, shares his views with EURACTIV.de on the future of the single currency and moves towards a two-speed European Union. Regarding the UK's disengagement from Europe, his assessment is simple: Britain will lose influence and eventually face "grave difficulties".

  • UK Tories warned by EU against stifling green agenda

    News | Brexit 09-10-2012

    Brussels has placed itself on a collision course with Britain's ruling Conservative party by issuing a blunt warning on the dangers of stifling the green agenda.

  • Britain halts rail franchise deal

    News | Transport 03-10-2012

    The British government has torn up a deal awarding one of its biggest rail franchises to a private operator, in a humiliating U-turn that raises doubts about the government's handling of the privatised railways.

  • Britain, Europe and referendums

    Opinion | Brexit 17-08-2012

    Europe is the key to the future of the coalition government in Britain. Unless the current tendency to pander to the eurosceptic right is abandoned, the Liberal Democrats will be inevitably driven into a future coalition with a Labour Party that has declined to commit political suicide by heading too far to the left, writes Tom Spencer.

  • UK: Banks urged to study eurozone departures

    News | Brexit 18-07-2012

    Britain's banks have been told to test how they would cope if several eurozone countries exited the single currency, the UK's Financial Services Authority watchdog said.

  • UK’s Europe ‘audit’: True debate or eurosceptic vote-winning ‘ploy’?

    News | Brexit 18-07-2012

    The statement from British Foreign Secretary William Hague that his government would conduct a full "audit" of the impact of EU law on Britain has been condemned by commentators as a mere public relations stunt. But the coalition government has defended it as a chance for constructive debate on the role of the EU institutions at national level.

  • UK wants EU to focus on new CO2 targets instead of renewables

    News | Energy 15-05-2012

    Europe should focus on cutting carbon emissions instead of just repeating the existing EU green policy targets which expire at the end of the decade, Britain's energy and climate chief Edward Davey told a global energy and environment summit.

  • Britain backs down on derivatives rules

    News | Brexit 05-10-2011

    British chancellor George Osborne backed down on one of his key demands that all derivatives trading be immediately covered by new EU rules but won some smaller concessions on controlling a market once described as the "Wild West". 

  • Britain isolated on EU derivatives law

    News | Brexit 04-10-2011

    The UK government has found itself isolated in its opposition to draft EU derivatives rules as finance ministers are expected to express their "unanimous" backing to the European Commission's proposal on Tuesday (4 October).

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