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EU and British flags [Shutterstock]
Brexit 07-05-2015

The UK election: A European game changer

Whoever wins the election, neither the Scottish nor the European questions will disappear from the UK political agenda, writes Dr Malanie Sully.
Brexit 04-11-2013

Britons, MPs suffer a ‘communication deficit’ on EU affairs

The UK suffers from a communication deficit regarding its in/out referendum pledge, with parliamentarians failing to inform their electorate, who lack very basic knowledge of EU affairs, writes Resul Umit.
Brexit 25-05-2010

The Consequences of Coalition

In this exclusive commentary, Sir Stephen Wall, formerly the United Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the European Union, explains why the new coalition government in the UK faces a changing relationship with the EU.
Brexit 03-05-2010

Are we really seeing a Europeanisation of UK politics?

The direction of the UK's future European policy remains highly uncertain whatever the outcome of this week's general election, and although the rise of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg may be good news for Europe, the implications for the EU of the British poll remain very much up in the air, writes Richard Youngs, director-general of Madrid-based European think-tank FRIDE, in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 27-04-2010

Big changes on the way after UK election?

"The demand for change and poor turnout will hit the Labour vote [...] the Conservatives will secure a small overall majority and [...] the Liberal [Democrats] will strengthen their position in the House of Commons," predicts Michael Berendt, formerly senior policy adviser at Fleishman-Hillard, in an April post on Blogactiv.
Brexit 27-07-2009

The UK Tories’ European policy: The road to oblivion

The tone of UK Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague's 21 July speech to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London "takes us back to Winston Churchill's image of Britain at the centre of three concentric circles: transatlantic, Commonwealth and European - a world that no longer exists," writes Stanley Crossick, founder of the European Policy Centre, in a July post on Blogactiv.