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Brexit 28-06-2017

Commission mulls CAP cuts, rebates in effort to shore up post-2020 budget

Faced with a looming gap in the EU's post-2020 budget caused by Brexit and higher security spending, the Commission is considering cutting funding for farmers, conditioning disbursements on the rule of law in member states and removing rebates once the UK leaves.
Brexit 09-02-2017

EU looks to agree formula with UK before issuing final Brexit tab

The European Union wants to agree with Britain on a formula for calculating how much it will owe the bloc after it leaves, rather than defining a specific sum in advance, EU officials have said.
Graham Bishop, member of the European Movement’s UK Council
Brexit 29-10-2014

Cameron’s ‘EU budget’ mess

Ever since it emerged that the the UK’s contribution to the EU has to increase, the issue has assumed a life of its own. Britain's political tectonic plates are on the move, writes Graham Bishop.
Brexit 28-10-2014

Budget row escalates as UK bill could reach €3.6bn

The row over a hefty top-up to the UK’s contribution to the EU budget worsened Monday (27 October) as Prime Minister David Cameron repeated he would not pay, and the EU Budget Commissioner warned there was no possibility of delaying payment without re-opening questions over the UK’s rebate on the European budget.
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Brexit 28-06-2013

Cameron: “In this town you have to be ready for an ambush”

The British Prime Minister vented frustration with Brussels and the institutions in his post-summit press briefing describing how he “defeated” an eleventh-hour attempt to unpick the British rebate. Read the full article: http://www.euractiv.com/uk-europe/cameron-locks-loads-overcome-fru-news-528968
Brexit 28-06-2013

Cameron claims he defeated EU ‘ambush’ over British rebate

The British Prime Minister vented frustration with Brussels and the institutions in his post-summit press briefing describing how he “defeated” an eleventh-hour attempt to unpick the British rebate.
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Brexit 09-04-2013

Thatcher: a European legacy

The UK's first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on Monday in London aged 87 after suffering a stroke. As the longest serving premier of the 20th century, she was one of the most influential and controversial political leaders Europe and the world has ever seen. 'May I thank you for offering me this opportunity to reply. It seems to me that some people do not like me to reply quite as vigorously as they attack me. It is a reciprocal business with us, I hope it is with you', said Baroness Thatcher.
Future EU 08-02-2013

Denmark receives €134-million rebate in new budget

The Danes are set to get a yearly rebate of 1 billion Danish crowns (€134 million), the country's first, according to the newest EU budget proposal by European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.  
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Future EU 06-02-2013

MEPs threaten to veto EU budget deal

Only two days before EU leaders will hold talks on the next 7-year EU budget, MEPs on Tuesday threatened to veto the eventual agreement if further cuts are made. Some member states, like the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden, have expressed their wish to slash the budget by an additional 30 billion euros. They argue that EU expenditure should be in line with national austerity policies. "Today's proposal is actually an act of political resignation, and we are going to reject it", EPP leader Joseph Daul said.
EU Priorities 2020 06-02-2013

Cameron wants further cuts to EU budget draft, threatens veto

British Prime Minister David Cameron hopes to enlist the support of Germany and other rich north European countries in his fight to freeze EU spending at budget talks starting tomorrow and is prepared to block a deal unless more savings are found.
EU Priorities 2020 23-11-2012

Positions still ‘quite far apart’ at EU budget summit

French President François Hollande said it looked unlikely that European Union negotiators would reach an agreement today (23 November) on the bloc's nearly €1 trillion budget for 2014-2020. German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed hope that a deal could be reached at another summit early next year.
Agrifood 15-11-2012

Van Rompuy tables €950-billion budget proposal

One week before heads of states and government are to convene a special summit in Brussels to discuss the 2014-2020 budget, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy tabled a €950-billion proposal that is €75 billion less than the Commission's initial recommendation.
EU Priorities 2020 26-10-2012

Denmark ready to veto EU budget unless it gets a rebate

Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has said she will block talks on the 2014-2020 EU budget unless she is offered a rebate of 1 billion Danish crowns (€134 million).
Regional Policy 23-10-2012

British veto threat on the EU budget ‘very dangerous’

A looming British veto on the EU budget for 2014-2020 could heavily undermine the Union’s efforts to emerge from the eurozone sovereign debt crisis, Brussels analysts warned yesterday (22 October).
EU Priorities 2020 20-09-2012

Ministers given three minutes to square the circle on EU budget

Cyprus tabled yesterday (19 September) a ‘negotiating box’ for the European Union budget for 2014-2020, to be discussed by European affairs ministers on Monday. According to the paper, ministers are requested to limit their presentations to three minutes.
Brexit 17-12-2010

Thatcher-style, Cameron says: We won’t pay

UK Prime Minister David Cameron can claim a victory at the 16-17 December summit which perhaps went unnoticed by the general public but was considered resounding by experts: the summit conclusions state that Britain has secured other EU countries' agreement that London will not contribute to future bailouts.
Brexit 06-11-2009

Tory MEPs quit over Cameron’s EU policy

Two Tory frontbenchers in the European Parliament have announced their resignation from EU positions after Conservative leader David Cameron announced he would drop plans to hold a referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty should he come to power next year.
Brexit 24-09-2009

Cameron confirms Tories’ Lisbon referendum plan

British opposition leader David Cameron has written to Czech President Václav Klaus confirming his intention to hold a referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty should he win power next year before the treaty has entered into force.
Brexit 28-08-2009

Tories question economic benefits of EU membership

Leading Conservatives in the UK have challenged the government to justify the £6.4 billion net contribution the British exchequer will make to the EU coffers next year - a 60% rise on this year.
Brexit 21-12-2005

UK Presidency: Hip hip but no hooray

In spite of widespread relief over the EU budget deal at the December summit, the UK presidency has scored less than brilliant marks from most observers.
Future EU 19-12-2005

Summit deal gets lukewarm reception from EP

Having threatened to block the EU budget deal, the Parliament now warns that tough negotiations lie ahead.
Brexit 19-12-2005

EU pulls itself back from the abyss

A hard fought late night budget deal has put the EU back on track. Blair has rescued the remains of his European credentials while Germany’s Chancellor Merkel showed herself to be a new force to be reckoned with.
Future EU 16-12-2005

Merkel in key position at EU budget summit

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel is the 'woman in the middle'. She backs Blair in principle but does not want to jeopardise ties with France and must avoid Germany ending up footing the EU bill once again.
Future EU 15-12-2005

France and Poland unite against UK at summit

The UK has added 2.5 billion euros in its revised proposal for the EU's long term budget, which is to be handed out in small amounts to the new member states. But France and Poland have voiced loud opposition.