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  • Straw pledges to revise EU budget packet

    News | Future EU 08-12-2005

    After fierce criticism from a majority of his EU colleagues UK foreign secretary Jack Straw has pledged to revise the UK proposal for the EU's long term budget.

  • Barroso attacks UK’s ‘mini-Europe’ budget

    News | Future EU 06-12-2005

    The Commission president led the onslaught on the long-awaited UK proposal for the EU's long term budget, which has won scarce praise. It may, however, form the basis for a deal at the EU summit.   

  • New member states pressure UK into budget move

    News | Future EU 02-12-2005

    The cold reception in new member states to the UK's idea of cutting structural funds at their expense has led the UK to put its rebate into play at the EU budget talks. 

  • UK confirms plan to cut EU budget

    News | Brexit 29-11-2005

    The UK Presidency has confirmed that it wants to cut the long term EU budget to 1.03% of GNP. The Commission cautions on the need for solidarity in the EU.

  • UK to go for budget cuts

    News | Brexit 28-11-2005

    Realising that the CAP spending will be hard to touch, the UK is set to make cuts in structural fund payments in its EU budget proposal. 

  • Merkel sets agenda on European trip

    News | Brexit 24-11-2005

    On the day following her election as German chancellor, Angela Merkel has sought common ground in Brussels and Paris. On 24 November 2005 she is travelling to London.

  • Irritation grows over UK stance in EU budget talks

    News | Future EU 22-11-2005

    The UK has failed to put a concrete blueprint for the future EU budget on the table. EU foreign ministers are blaming the UK Presidency for its lack of pro-activity.   

  • UK budget rebate on the table again

    News | Future EU 07-11-2005

    Six weeks before the December summit come renewed efforts to reach a budget deal, with pressure mounting on the UK to give ground on its budget rebate.

  • UK Presidency hopes to kick-start budget talks

    News | Future EU 03-11-2005

    In what may turn out to be a last-ditch effort to embellish the British Presidency's record, the UK has announced plans to re-start, on 7 November 2005, the talks on the EU's 2007-2013 financial perspective.

  • Make or Break Summit? – Britain’s persistent EU delusions

    Opinion | Brexit 26-10-2005

    "Copy me, I'm the best and you're wrong" - that is the UK government's attitude towards its guests at the Hampton Court Social Council, on 27 October 2005, says Kirsty Hughes in this commentary for EURACTIV. The 24 other EU countries are rather unlikely to follow such a charming invitation. New Labour's economic policy still places the Blair government to the right of European Christian Democrats and in the camp of right-wing populists like Italy's Berlusconi or Spain's Aznar. 

  • An unorthodox way to solve the rebate crisis

    Opinion | Agrifood 06-10-2005

    The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) is a shrinking sector that hardly makes any contribution to EU wealth, is blocking the redistribution of the budget to more pressing needs and is thwarting any agreement on the UK rebate, says an analyst from the Centre for European Policy Studies.

  • Blair to relaunch financial perspective talks

    News | Brexit 28-09-2005

    The head of the UK presidency, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is expected to attempt to find a compromise for the EU's 2007-2013 budgetary framework in early October. 

  • Financial Perspective 2007-2013

    Policy Brief | Future EU 12-07-2005

    The UK presidency made an 864 billion euro deal at the EU summit in  December 2005, which Parliament then managed to top up with an extra 4 billion euros on 4 April. This political agreement is set to get a final green light on 17 May.     
    The overall budget deal, reached in the early hours of 17 December, raised the 2007-2013 budget to 862.3 billion euros, or 1.045 percent of EU Gross National Income. Compared to the Luxembourg June 2005 compromise it is still a decrease of 22 billion euros.

  • Commissioner Fischer Boel takes aim at CAP critics

    News | Brexit 04-07-2005

    Speaking at an agriculture event in the UK, Commissioner for agriculture Mariann Fischer Boel defended the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, pointing out that Britain did not veto the CAP deal of 2002.

  • Blair at the helm of the EU

    News | Brexit 01-07-2005

    The UK is taking over the EU presidency at a time of political upheaval. With the high-profile clash over the EU budget still smouldering PM Tony Blair will have a hard time posing as the 'honest broker'. 

  • Blair: “It is time for a reality check”

    News | Agrifood 24-06-2005

    The UK PM Tony Blair defiantly promoted his idea of the need for reform, mostly to the applause of the major political groups in the EP.

  • Blair and Chirac in blame game over summit failure

    News | Brexit 20-06-2005

    French President Jacques Chirac is blaming UK PM Tony Blair for the summit failure. The UK Presidency will now try to pick up the pieces. 

  • UK Labour Party MP calls for party funding for ‘No’ campaign

    News | Brexit 09-05-2005

    Ian Davidson wants an early referendum plus party funding for his 'No' campaign. His remarks come with pressure building on the leader of the Labour Party and the UK due to take over the EU's rotating presidency in July.

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