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Energy efficiency 2016: The year of delivery?
Energy 02-06-2016

Energy efficiency 2016: The year of delivery?

The European Commission is preparing a make-or- break “year of delivery” on its flagship Energy Union strategy, with a steady stream of proposals expected in 2016.

Why the EU must ditch gas in favour of efficiency and renewables

Gas should play no part in the EU’s energy transition: policy makers must see through the industry’s lobbying and invest in renewables and energy efficiency, argues Brook Riley.
Energy 19-03-2015

Energy Union is a triumph of gas lobby spin

The gas industry's claims that it is needed to back up renewables and cut emissions appear to be increasingly accepted by the architects of the Energy Union, writes Brook Riley. But the truth is that gas is not clean and EU leaders, meeting today to discuss the Energy Union, need to focus on renewables and energy efficiency instead.
Energy 14-04-2014

EU analysis: Sole 40% CO2 cut target will cut EU GDP by 2030

EU plans for a sole binding 40% greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030 will lead to a drop in the continent’s GDP of between 0.1% and 0.45% on current trends, according to an overlooked passage in the impact assessment which accompanies the proposal.
Brook Riley, Friends of the Earth Europe
Energy 28-03-2014

Barroso and Van Rompuy shun climate action, embrace Obama’s shale gas

At their EU-US summit, European leaders warmly welcomed American gas. Under the guise of promoting energy security, leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are rooting for shale gas, a fossil fuel with comparable climate impacts to coal, writes Brook Riley.

The EU is betraying its climate policy

The EU executive is staking every last bit of political capital on a 2030 energy policy gamble that could cost us the earth, argues Brook Riley.
Climate change 31-10-2013

Stop the 2030 climate targets retreat – or face the consequences

If EU countries continue racing to the bottom in search of the lowest common denominator on 2030 climate and energy goals, it will be game over for EU climate action, writes Brook Riley.
Climate change 24-09-2013

Does BusinessEurope believe in climate change?

The employers’ group BusinessEurope will address EU ministers in the competitiveness council this week to warn them that action to prevent global warming must not hinder economic recovery. But his arguments are filled with contradictions, writes Brook Riley.
Energy 14-05-2013

European leaders must end energy business-as-usual

Short-term economic concerns appear to have edged the environment out of the picture ahead of next week’s EU summit dedicated to energy issues, writes Brook Riley.

2030 climate and energy policy: The time is now

If the European Commission is serious about tackling climate change it must set 2030 targets for renewable energies and energy savings, says Brook Riley.