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Brexit 02-06-2009

UK’s Labour party faces EU election rout

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday he would not step down despite polls showing that the governing Labour Party could slump to a humiliating third place in this week's European elections.
Security 28-03-2008

Brown and Sarkozy seal ‘Entente Formidable’

Three months before France takes over the EU Presidency, President Nicolas Sarkozy used his state visit to Britain to revive the Franco-British alliance, seeking stronger cooperation on energy, climate change, immigration and defence.
EU Priorities 2020 22-02-2008

Brown: Britain ‘at the centre of Europe’

Britain's Gordon Brown used his first official visit to Brussels as prime minister to shake off his eurosceptic image and present himself as a staunch European, stressing that Britain and the EU are mutually dependent.
Brexit 17-09-2007

Britain’s policy on Europe

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's view of the EU is "utilitarian" and "similar to that of Margaret Thatcher" in that he supports it as far as it helps Britain, according to Sir Stephen Wall, the former UK Permanent Representative to the EU and former EU Adviser to the Prime Minister.
Brexit 23-08-2007

Gordon Brown faces EU Treaty referendum battle

The UK prime minister met with his German counterpart Angela Merkel, amid increasing pressure to hold a referendum on the new EU Treaty as trade unions joined forces with Conservatives and Eurosceptics.
Future EU 08-06-2007

Brown, Blair and the Constitutional Treaty

Prime Minister Tony Blair believes that no referendum on the Constitutional Treaty would need to be held in the UK if, instead of attempting revive the original wide-ranging Treaty, the members states now simply agreed on a series of amendments, writes Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Union.
Brexit 06-05-2005

Weakened Labour wins historic third term

Labour's third consecutive victory in the UK has come at the price of a sharply reduced majority. This has sparked immediate speculation as to when Prime Minister Tony Blair may step down. 
Euro & Finance 10-06-2003

Brown says Britain ‘not ready’ for euro, may reconsider in 2004

In 2004, Britain may reconsider whether the performance of its economy is compatible with the single European currency, said Chancellor Gordon Brown on 9 June, ruling out membership in the euro for now.
Brexit 06-06-2003

British cabinet agrees ‘not yet’ on the euro

Following a prolonged meeting on 5 June, the British cabinet endorsed Chancellor Gordon Brown's "not yet" verdict on the UK's joining the euro zone.
Euro & Finance 16-05-2003

€-day for Britain on 9 June

British Chancellor Gordon Brown will announce on 9 June whether the UK is ready to replace the pound with the euro.
Euro & Finance 14-05-2003

Business leaders urge Blair to join euro zone

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Tony Blair, the leaders of 26 top companies have warned of "serious consequences" for Britain's economy if it remains outside the euro zone.