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Economy & Jobs 22-03-2021

EU recovery plan has helped boost consumer, industry confidence

The coronavirus pandemic has instigated fears of economic uncertainty among various economic actors, including among consumers, distributors, and industry. However, the latest Eurostat figures show that confidence among economic actors is more or less holding up despite the health crisis.
Economy & Jobs 08-09-2017

Amid EU treaty change fever, national ministers urge caution

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised an aggressive push to reform the European Union after the German election. But there is still great unease about opening this Pandora’s box.
Euro & Finance 15-02-2017

Commission: We ‘stuck our neck out’ assessing Trump’s plan

Experts welcomed the European Commission’s assessment of US President Donald Trump’s fiscal stimulus package despite the high level of uncertainty around the plan.
Euro & Finance 21-04-2015

EU finance ministers asked to set Capital Markets Union priorities

The Latvian Presidency of the European Union has called on the EU to set out clear priorities in order to generate momentum for the Capital Markets Union plan to lift growth.
Euro & Finance 24-06-2011

To repay or not to repay debts?

Europe need not choose between catastrophe and simple debt-sharing, according to economist Jean Pisani-Ferry, who argues that the euro crisis could be resolved by giving "breathing space" to distressed countries in order to pave the way for a prepared and orderly restructuring of Greek debt.