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Politics 20-05-2022

New French government named: continuity with some surprises

French President Emmanuel Macron appointed his new government on Friday (20 May), following the appointment of Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister on Monday. His personnel choices signalled continuity with previous governments.
Elections 12-05-2022

Macron backs right-wing hopefuls ahead of June polls

French President Emmanuel Macron has chosen to back several right-wing Les Républicains (LR) candidates in the June legislative elections, continuing his takeover of the now ailing traditional right-wing bloc. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 06-04-2022

Poland blocks EU directive to implement global corporate tax deal

In a tense meeting of EU member state finance ministers on Tuesday (5 April) in Luxemburg, Poland vetoed a compromise proposal for an EU directive that would implement the internationally agreed 15% minimum effective taxation for large multinational companies.
Energy 31-03-2022

Berlin, Paris agree close-knit exchange and plan for new sanctions

The German and French governments have agreed to closer communication, cooperation on support for the economy amid record-high energy prices and plans for new sanctions.
Elections 31-03-2022

French government justifies ‘McKinseygate’ ahead of election

The French government has justified its increased use of consultancy firms under President Emmanuel Macron's five-year term, saying it was due to "exceptional circumstances". EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 31-03-2022

Half-time for the French Presidency

Three months into the six-month French presidency of the EU Council, there is not much time left for the French presidency to deliver on its economic policy priorities.
Bruno Le Maire, Christian Lindner, Paolo Gentiloni in discussion
Economy & Jobs 15-03-2022

Global minimum tax hits roadblock as EU states disagree on directive

The finance ministers of EU member states failed to reach a unanimous agreement on the EU directive aimed at implementing the global minimum tax for large corporations when they met in Brussels on Tuesday (15 March).
Energy 10-03-2022

France leads calls to reform ‘absurd’ EU energy market

Reforming an "absurd" European electricity market still dependent on the price of fossil fuels is one of France's medium-term projects to achieve energy independence, as explained by French economy minister Bruno Le Maire.
Technology 08-02-2022

France wants to boost European tech with billions of euros

France announced on Tuesday (8 February) that it has raised more than €3.5 billion to invest in the tech ecosystem, amongst plans to rely on European start-ups to regain the continent's digital sovereignty.

France and Germany to work on ‘common industrial projects’

France and Germany will work on "common industrial projects" such as electrical networks, batteries and hydrogen, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said after receiving his German counterpart Robert Habeck in Paris on Monday (7 February).
Data protection 08-02-2022

Habeck and Le Maire unfazed by Facebook’s withdrawal threats from the EU

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire seemed unimpressed on Monday (7 February) by digital giant Meta's threat of possibly withdrawing Facebook and Instagram from the EU, repeating that data should not be handed over without control.
Economy & Jobs 24-01-2022

Coalition against EU debt rule reform shows cracks

Eight EU countries known as “the alliance of responsibility" who spoke out in favour of an early return to strict debt rules in a position paper in September 2021 are being pushed towards compromise with even Germany adopting a more conciliatory tone. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 19-01-2022

Poland and Hungary want to slow French push for minimum tax directive

The EU directive to implement the minimum corporate tax rate agreed upon in the OECD deal is facing resistance as Poland and Hungary insist on linking it to another part of the OECD agreement.
Economy & Jobs 18-01-2022

Germany, France show divisions on EU budget rules

Germany and France laid out differing visions for the future of the European economy Monday (17 January), signalling a fight later this year to overhaul the bloc's strict rules on government spending.
Economic governance 14-12-2021

French and German finance ministers stress common interests in first meeting

Although he is known to be a hardline opponent of public debt, the new German finance minister showed his openness to compromise during his first trip to Paris only days after taking office.
Economy & Jobs 30-11-2021

France sees chance of compromise with Germany on EU fiscal rules

France will be able to reach a compromise with the new German government to update the European Union's fiscal rules to face economic challenges following the COVID-19 pandemic, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday (29 November).
e-Commerce 24-11-2021

France orders removal of e-commerce giant Wish over safety concerns

The French government ordered on Wednesday (24 November) search engines and app stores to delist US e-commerce giant Wish on the grounds that the online retail platform was "flouting product safety regulations". EURACTIV France reports.
Electricity 05-10-2021

France, Spain urge pan-European response to energy price surge

France and Spain on Monday (4 October) called for a coordinated European response to the surge in global energy prices to protect Europe's poorest citizens, the competitiveness of its businesses and its 2050 plan to cut greenhouse emissions.
Economy & Jobs 12-07-2021

France pushes for 25% target for taxing multinationals’ super-profits

Countries should be able to tax a quarter of big multinationals' profits no matter where they are earned, France proposed on Saturday (10 July) at a G20 finance ministers meeting focused on overhauling the rules for cross-border corporate taxation.
Industrial Strategy 08-06-2021

France moves to become a nation of ‘large tech companies’

"We were a start-up nation, we are going to become a nation of large technology companies," Economy Minister Bruno le Maire told a conference on Monday (7 June), adding that “France has a vocation to be one of the nations writing the 21st century”. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 29-04-2021

Germany, France, Italy, Spain push for implementation of recovery fund

Finance ministers of Germany, France, Italy, and Spain urged member states on Wednesday (28 April) to submit their recovery plans and pressed the European Commission to speed up the assessment of the investment and reform proposals. 
Economy & Jobs 28-04-2021

France urges EU to approve crisis spending plans soon

France on Tuesday (27 April) called on the EU Commission to expedite its approval of massive spending plans designed to prop up the bloc's economies hobbled by COVID-19 restrictions.
Economy & Jobs 27-04-2021

France and Germany unveil green recovery plans

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire and German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz unveiled their national recovery and resilience plan at a joint press conference Tuesday (27 April) ahead of the indicative 30 April deadline set by the European Commission.
Technology 11-03-2021

Google to raise advertising fees to offset French, Spanish GAFA tax

In an email to French and Spanish advertisers last week, Google announced a 3% increase in advertising rates on its platform from May, to cover what has been termed the 'GAFA tax' in force in both countries. EURACTIV France reports.