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Agrifood 28-11-2017

Spain reports another case of mad cow disease

A case of "mad cow disease" has been discovered in northwestern Spain, the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Monday (27 November).
Health 09-03-2006

EU to lift 10-year old ban on UK beef

The EU's veterinary experts have given the green light to lift the ban on UK exports of live cattle, beef and beef products. The ban, imposed as a result of 'mad cow disease', has been in force since March 1996.
Health 04-10-2005

British beef back in EU shops early 2006?

Based on a favourable report from the Commission's Food and Veterinary Office, the Commission is about to draft a proposal to lift the export ban on British beef, in force since March 1996. 
Health 03-06-2004

Prion research network launched in sustained fight against BSE

The Commission has launched a European research network for prion diseases to prevent, detect and control BSE, Scrapie and Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.
Health 14-11-2002

Commission withdraws beef fines against France

On 13 November 2002, the Commission decided to withdraw its application to the Court of Justice for a fine against France, following the analysis of the French transposition law allowing for imports of British beef.
Health 03-10-2002

France lifts ban of British beef

France decided on 2 October to lift its ban on British beef, a ban imposed six years ago over fears of the deadly 'mad cow disease'.
Health 19-07-2002

France risks heavy fines for ban of British beef

The Commission has asked the European Court of Justice to fine France for every day the ban on UK beef remains in place. This is the second time France is taken to court for refusing to import beef from the UK.
Health 06-05-2002

First case of BSE in Poland

The Polish ministry of agriculture has announced that a case of BSE has been discovered in a farm situated in the southern region of Malopolska.
Health 11-04-2002

EU tests contradict American study on prions in cattle muscle

Despite the findings of an American research team of BSE prions the muscle of mice, tests on muscle tissue of cattle and sheep show no evidence of prions so far. The EU's Scientific Steering Committee has therefore decided not to recommend changes to the current food safety legislation.
Health 04-04-2002

Commission authorises France to compensate cattle farmers for BSE losses

The EU Commission has exceptionally authorised France to grant national aid, amounting to around 75.5 million, to cattle farmers to compensate for losses due to the BSE crisis between November 2000 and December 2001.
Health 21-03-2002

Discovery of prions in muscle leads to new food safety fears

A team of US researchers led by Nobel prize winner Stanley Prusiner at the University of California (San Francisco) discovered prions in the hind legs of mice, indicating that BSE prions could infect the muscle of cattle. Up to now, measures against BSE were based on the assumption that prions are transmitted only through the nervous systems or lymphatic tissues of cattle.
Health 07-02-2002

BSE report criticises Member States’ inadequate implementation of EU legislation

An own-intiative report by Swedish MEP Karl Erik Olsson (ELDR) on monitoring of the BSE crisis was adopted by the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, on 6 February 2002. The draft resolution sharply criticises the "totally unacceptable failure by some Member States to comply with EU legislation" and urges to reform the CAP, taking into account food safety.
Health 20-12-2001

Will France lift ban on British beef?

French agriculture minister Jean Glavany indicated that France is not sure whether it will lift its ban on British beef, despite the ruling of the European Court of Justice. He cited a report of the EU's Food and Veterinary Office that casts doubts on the efficiency of BSE testing in the UK, and said his government's decision would be solely based on the principal of precaution.
Health 14-12-2001

Court of Justice condemns French ban on British beef

The European Court of Justice ruled that France's refusal to lift the ban on direct imports of British beef is unlawful. The Court nevertheless acknowledged that "certain difficulties in applying Community decisions were the result of unclear legislation" and stressed the importance of a reliable tracing system.
Health 13-12-2001

First case of BSE in Austria and Finland

For the first time in Austria, a cow was found to be infected with bovine spongiform encepalopathy (BSE), following routine tests. A few days earlier, Finland declared its first case of mad cow disease.
Agrifood 20-09-2001

French ban on direct import of British beef judged illegal

The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has ruled that the French ban on direct imports of British beef, due to BSE, is illegal. However, the preliminary opinion delivered on 20 September 2001 did not judge the ban on indirect imports of British beef to be contrary to the law.
Global Europe 11-09-2001

BSE takes Japan by surprise?

The first case of BSE has been confirmed in Japan after a cow tested positive in the Chiba area near Tokyo. The case comes only months after the government played down European warnings that Japanese cattle were at risk. This is the first known case of BSE in Japan and in Asia.
Agrifood 20-08-2001

British meat industry withholds vital BSE data

British scientists responsible for monitoring BSE and the human variant CJD or vCJD have accused Britain's meat industry of withholding information that could help determine how many people will eventually contract the fatal disease. The vital data contains information about which products companies sold in the 1970s and 1980s that contained mechanically recovered meat.
Agrifood 20-06-2001

Council agrees to improve pig farming but fails to agree on MBM ban

Agriculture Council adopt Directive amending current legislative rules on the protection of pigs but fail to agree on the meat and bone meal ban

Commission presents new BSE and FMD measures to Agriculture Council

Commission announces new BSE measures and indicates intentions to present new Directive on measures to fight against foot and mouth
Enlargement 22-05-2001

Sugar and beef plans top Agriculture Council agenda

EU agriculture minister meeting to focus on reforms to the beef and sugar markets
Enlargement 17-05-2001

Slovenia declared BSE risk-free

Slovenia first accession country to be found BSE risk-free by EU scientists in new opinion on the geographical risk of BSE in non-EU countries

Parliament adopts legislation to combat BSE

European Parliament approves Commission proposal for comprehensive regulation on the prevention, control and eradication of TSEs
Health 03-05-2001

Will Europe’s BSE crisis bring about a new relationship between food and health?

BSE or ‘mad cow disease’, seen until very recently as “a peculiarly British affair”, has now spiralled out of control and become a Europe-wide problem. And it may not stop there. Last month, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization...